July 26, 2019

To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of eye creams. They are either too heavy, too oily, or I simply forget to use them. But I LOVE eye patches (and not just for the eyes). A couple of years ago it was very hard to find even one paraben-free patch product, but I...

July 23, 2019

Konjac sponges are wonderful skincare tools to have in your arsenal. I’ve written about them before in this article. Today I want to talk specifically about Purito Jeju Volcanic Scoria Konjac Sponge. 

Konjac sponges are made from Konnyaku potatoes that grow in Asia. The...

July 17, 2019

Hair care is one of my favorite topics. Healthy, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. We regularly exfoliate the face (at least I hope everyone does this), but the scalp gets forgotten. Even the most basic hair products - shampoo, conditioner, and an occasional...

July 5, 2019

Despite being a “fiery redhead” with a July birthday, I genuinely despise Summer, heat, and the sun. What can be worse than sunburn, sweat (your own and sometimes other people’s), and makeup that’s melting off? Well, Korean beauty can at least help with that last part.


June 24, 2019

I’m slowly getting back into a routine of publishing regularly. If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that our family welcomed a new baby hobbit back in March, and the old routine went out of the window. Unsure what to review next, I did a quick poll in my F...

June 21, 2019

I tend to hoard two categories of Korean skincare - toners and sunscreens. I always have several bottles or tubes of them around the house. My long time favorite brand Purito just released a new all-mineral non-nano sunscreen Purito Comfy Water Sun Block SPF50+ PA++++....

June 3, 2019

Mail day is the most exciting day, even if I know what’s coming. It’s extra exciting if the package contents are a surprise! You may have read my review of the February Korean beauty box Joah Box. Imagine my delight when they sent me their May box!

Around May 22nd, a pa...

May 25, 2019

Summer is coming (eventually, I think). We’ve had insane weather - a record-setting cold winter, record-setting flooding that devastated the Midwest, and one week we’ve had warm days and hail. Yes, in the same week. But summer will be here, so it’s time to start planni...

May 18, 2019

2NDESIGN is a new to me brand with safe and clean ingredients. I’ve already reviewed their amazing cleansing oil here, and today I’ll tell you about their peeling gel that’s sold on Jolse.com 

The main purpose of any peeling gel is to remove dead skin cells, making the...

May 5, 2019

Combination skin is a gift that keeps on giving - too much nourishment and it gets shiny in the t-zone; not enough - and the dry parts flake while the oily ones get even oilier to compensate. Lovely. Of course, that’s exactly the skin type I have.

Typically, I use the s...

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