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The Saem Natural Condition Cleansing Cream Review (Lotus)

About me: 28 y.o., combination skin prone to oiliness in the summer and dryness in the winter, occasional breakouts and one wrinkle on the forehead :)

I love trying new things, especially new types of skincare. This time, I ordered a cleansing cream with Lotus from a well known Korean beauty brand The Saem. This cleansing cream with lotus and wine extracts removes impurities and hydrates the skin. The product contains a vitamin complex for healthy skin plus aloe for moisture, while soapberry gently cleanses.

When I ordered it, I honestly expected a cleansing balm, which melts on the skin and turns into oil, like a cleansing oil. But this turned out to be a real “cream”. It’s great for facial massage. It doesn’t emulsify (turn white and dissolve in water) like cleansing oils do, but is still quite easy to wash off with water. I only need a small dollop for the entire face and neck. It might even outlast me, since the jar is giant (300ml/about 9oz). The slip-style lid is nifty - it can also be screwed off if that’s what you prefer.

How to use:

1. Take a small amount of cream and apply to the entire (dry, unwashed) face, avoiding the eyes

2. Massage lightly to dissolve dirt and makeup

3. Remove the cream with tissues (I prefer water)

4. Wash off the rest with a foaming cleanser, if desired (optional).

I prefer to wash the cream off with water (like a cleansing oil) and then with foaming cleanser. But if you are using it to remove lip makeup, then a tissue method is handy. Be smarter than I was and listen to the “avoid the eye area” directions. Since I’m clearly smarter than the manufacturer, I decided to use the cream to remove mascara and eyeshadow. Sure, the makeup came off, but I wouldn’t wish the stinging I experienced on anyone. Learn from my mistakes.

(I don't often smile in pictures, and when I do, it looks goofy :))

The cleansing cream leaves my skin soft and smooth, without a stripped, dry feeling. I quite enjoy it, and the smell is great. I assume lotus flowers smell this way, even though I have never smelled one in person. I’m not much for floral scents, but this one is pleasant and isn’t long lasting, which is also nice.

The cream would be best for people with dry skin or for drying times of the year. It can be purchased on eBay.

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