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The Saem Natural Condition Sparkling Lip & Eye Remover Review

On a daily basis, I use a minimal amount of makeup (thanks to my skincare routine, I have almost nothing to cover up). The typical lineup is powder, mascara, and, if I’m feeling extra fancy, lipstick or tint. If we go out (which is rate), then I go for the full shebang with eyeshadow, liner, and so on. But even the basic mascara has to be carefully removed, otherwise a sad looking racoon may be greeting you in the mirror the next morning, plus most decorative makeup isn’t exactly great for the skin.

Like a good girl, I have tried to use up the Western makeup removers I had before ordering something from the realm of Korean beauty. Since I like The Saem brand for their natural and safe ingredients, I decided to give their Natural Condition Sparkling Lip & Eye Remover a try. As usual, I am not disappointed.

The remover can be purchased on eBay

The remover effectively clears up all makeup, including waterproof ones. Mineral water from the hot springs of the Jeju island meticulously clears up impurities. Suitable for sensitive skin since the “oily” layer removes everything without the need to rub (and who wants to rub a delicate eye area? Not me). It also contains panthenol and provitamins to hydrate the skin.

This is a “two phase” remover, which means that sitting on the shelf it separates into two layers - watery and oily. The water layer isn’t your typical tap water, but an active hydrogen liquid. The particles in it are much smaller than in regular and distilled water and can reach into the smallest texture elements of the skin, cleansing them.

How to use:

1. Shake the bottle like you mean it, mixing the two layers

2. Apply to a cotton ball or disc and gently press to the skin for 10-15 seconds (note that the label says 10-15 MINUTES, but I think this is just one of those Korean-to-English translation miracles)

3. Remove makeup with light movements without tugging or pulling the skin

4. Rinse off the rest of the remover with water

The last bullet point is my personal preference - I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave makeup removers on skin, so I prefer to wash them off prior to applying other skincare. I wash off even things that are advertised as “no rinse” such as micellar cleansing water.

Personal opinion - I like this quite a bit. It’s gentle, but removes all of my eye and lip makeup well without irritating the skin. There’s no racoon in my mirror in the morning, just the familiar sleepy face. The packaging is convenient, the scent is good, I have no complaints.

The remover can be purchased on eBay

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