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The Saem Silk Hair Hair Loss Care Essence Review

I currently have the longest hair I’ve had in years (past my shoulders) and a few months ago I noticed just how much it sheds! There’s hair EVERYWHERE! And it’s long and red, so I can’t exactly blame the mess on my husband (who has black, short hair). I decided that it’s time to do something when I saw my husband pulling hair out of the vacuum, saying “it’s like petting the top of your head, Lucy”. Um. Ew.

By then, the Kaminomoto Hair Accelerator was long gone (read the review here) and I wanted to try something new. I chose The Saem Silk Hair Hair Loss Care Essence, available on eBay, Amazon, Jolse and YesStyle.

The treatment comes in a plastic bottle with a narrow nozzle and a twist off cap. It’s a clear liquid with a pleasant scent and the consistency of water. The Saem says that the fragrance base is of musk and amber, the heart note is a fruity olive, and the top note is of lemon and lime. All I have to say about that is I like the fragrance (and am not at all as good as their marketing team at describing it). It promises to reduce hair loss by bringing down the scalp temperature and strengthening the hair roots.

How to use:

  • Shake well and apply directly on the scalp (hair can be wet or dry)

  • Massage in

  • Style as usual or let air dry

  • Can be used daily or even twice a day

I wash hair every other day and always use the treatment right after. Some days, if I remember, I also apply it to dry scalp before bed. I noticed that allowing it to air dry causes a slight minty tingle on the scalp, but blow drying it takes that effect away. I don’t care either way, but putting it out there for your information.

My impressions:

I have naturally straight, fine, thin hair with an oily scalp. The generously sized 120ml bottle is now empty. I am very pleased with the results and would happily buy it again. The reduction in shedding/hair loss is dramatic - there’s hardly anything left on my hairbrush (and carpets, clothing, shower floor…). It definitely works. I also think it could be making my hair grow a bit quicker, but that effect is not as dramatic as Kaminomoto did. I could not find a list of ingredients, but one reason I like The Saem is that they use natural, non-toxic components and avoid potentially harmful ingredients like parabens.

If your goal is to lose fewer hair strands, definitely give The Saem Silk Hair Hair Loss Care Essence a try. You can also read my other hair care reviews here.

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