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[JOLSE] Giibon Care Cleansing Pad 30ea Review

Do you ever find yourself just wanting to go to bed and skip the entire Korean beauty routine? Fall face first into the pillow, with makeup and all? I do, but I can’t in good conscience do this to my skin. The Giibon Care Cleansing Pads are designed exactly for these times - each pad is formulated to completely cleanse AND condition your skin. In one step (well, two, but read more about that below). The pads are sold on

Each pad has two sides - an embossed side and a natural gauze side. The embossed side promises to remove dirt and makeup, and the natural gauze side will moisturize. I’m a little bit skeptical of that second claim since the whole pad is saturated in the same solution. So can it really cleanse AND moisturize? I guess I would settle for effective cleansing without a stripped feeling and call it good. The solution contains a mix of cleansing oil and cleansing water to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities.

The manufacturer says a single sheet can provide effective cleansing. For me, that’s true, but I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m guessing a heavy makeup user would need a couple of sheets. Still, that’s much less time consuming than a more traditional cleanse.

How to use:

  1. Gently wipe off your face with the embossed side

  2. Wipe off again with the smooth gauze side

The instructions don’t say anything about rinsing afterwards, but I choose to do so (plus, my mascara comes off best with water, you can read about that here).

My impressions:

My first thought when opening this jar was “why are they so small?”. I’m more used to pads the size of Purito (review here) and Neogen (review here). Still, one pad is enough to fully cleanse my face. I haven’t tried them on the eyes as my mascara comes off fine with just water and my eyes are sensitive, so I try not to experiment on them too much.

I love the scent of the Giibon Care Cleansing Pads - slightly citrusy and not very strong. They make my face feel fresh right away. The skin is soft, smooth, clean, and not stripped/too dry, which is great (I have combination skin). I think these are worth keeping in your Korean skincare arsenal for those emergency evenings when you don’t have time or energy for a full double cleanse.

These pads would also work as a morning cleansing solution if you use heavy overnight products. I’ve used these several times now and have had no negative reactions. However, I probably wouldn’t use them every night, because a full double cleanse with an oil/balm and a water-based cleanser will still get your skin cleaner (in my opinion). If anyone used these as their only cleanser for days or weeks in a row, I would love to hear your experiences! Also, I think these would be amazing for travel to freshen up in the car or even on a plane.

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I won this product in a giveaway from Jolse. All opinions are my own

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