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A’pieu Eyebrow Cutting Scissors Review

Every once in a while, I get overly confident and think that if a trained professional can do something, then surely so can I. After all, I’m so educated and talented and smart (not to mention super humble, clearly). Mostly, I am just very budget conscious and dislike leaving the house, so I try to do what I can myself.

Eyebrow shaping and trimming is a necessary (for me) evil. Every few weeks, I go and get them threaded (waxing breaks me out) and trimmed. And while I can maintain the threading results for some time with careful tweezing, the trimming is much harder, for some reason. Regular scissors just aren’t cutting it (see what I did there? I should write jokes for Laffy Taffy). 

Enter the A’pieu Eyebrow Cutting Scissors. This little tool promises to “trim unruly brows with ease”. Perfect. The scissors come with a removable comb that will surely guide your inexperienced and unsteady hands to victory. They are sold on eBay.

Armed with the scissors, endless determination and the desire to once again avoid putting on pants and leaving the house (and this was on maternity leave, no less), I bravely attempted an in-home trim.

Um. Ummm… So, one eyebrow made it out mostly ok. But the other one…

Sadly, I do not have many good pictures from that time period. The baby wasn’t even a month old, so not a lot of selfies (or sleep, or hot meals, or anything) were happening. Still, in this picture from one of my many walks with the tiny human, you can see that something seemingly bit a chunk right out of my right brow. Super. 

Growing that spot back out took a little longer than forever. The scissors are still in my bathroom drawer, awaiting their next clueless victim. They are well crafted and look durable, but I am probably never going to work up the courage to try them again. I will put on my big girl pants (or any pants) and actually leave the house (and leave the brows to the professionals).

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