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AIPPO Daily Sun Cream SPF50+ / PA+++ Review

Product provided by By Sophie beauty box.

Some people collect action figures, others buy shoes to match every outfit, and I love getting my hands on as many sunscreens as I can. It’s a daily staple of my skincare routine, so they never get a chance to expire.

One of my recent sunscreen friends is AIPPO Daily Sun Cream SPF50+ / PA+++. I got mine in a PR box - watch the unboxing reel here. I had a hard time finding it available online other than on the brand’s official website listed on their instagram profile. If you are interested in a list of my must-have sunscreens, broken out by skin and filter types, check out this post (must be part of my Facebook group to view).

The sunscreen is made with 100% Arctic glacier water and promises a dewy finish plus increased moisture. Other ingredients include aloe, allantoin, and vitamin E.

How to use:

  • Apply at the end of your morning skincare, before makeup (if using)

  • Reapply every few hours, especially when exposed to the sun

AIPPO Daily Sun Cream has a creamy texture and a pleasant smell. It’s easy to spread and gets absorbed pretty quickly. The scent doesn’t linger. I haven’t had any pilling or other unwanted side effects. There’s no white cast on me, but my skin is fair.

My impressions

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone. This is a good sunscreen. Not quite a holy grail for me, because I prefer a more matte finish that I could wear without powder on top. With AIPPO, I finish off with a light dusting of powder and it looks exactly how I want it to. Someone who prefers a dewy finish will likely enjoy this.

My skin looks plump but not greasy all day. I use this sunscreen as my morning moisturizer since it offers enough nourishment for my combination skin. I like it and will definitely keep using it.

What’s your favorite sunscreen?

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AIPPO Daily Sun Cream SPF50+ / PA+++ ingredients:


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