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Dr Dang Dang Metatarsal Foot Cushion Pads Review - Arch

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by the brand. This is a sponsored review. Please consult a medical professional if you have severe foot issues - this review is just my experience and is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone.

I’ve had foot issues my whole life. I learned that I have flat feet and hypermobility, which contributes to a whole laundry list of symptoms, from joint pain to strange workout injuries. I know how to tackle most of it and live a “normal” life. However, when there’s a product that can help even further, I’m always interested.

I’ve been testing something totally new to me - Dr Dang Dang Balance Dr cushion pads, available on Amazon. I have a few different kinds, but starting the series with my favorite variety - Arch. These silicone pads are reusable and washable (hand wash in warm, soapy water, then air dry).

They are recommended for people who:

  • Spend a lot of time on their feet

  • Experience foot and leg swelling

  • Have flat feet (that’s me!)

The pads help support the arch and absorb some of the shock the feet are exposed to during daily life. They can be worn over almost any sock and aren’t noticeable to other people in most shoe styles. If you’d rather put them on bare feet, that’s an option too (I prefer socks).

My impressions

I really like these. I wear mine over socks inside sneakers, especially when I go grocery shopping. Not sure why, but concrete floors at grocery stores always make my legs and feet hurt, even after a short trip (looking at you, Costco). I probably stomp way too hard when I walk around.

If I’m wearing workout sneakers or even converse, the cushion pads aren’t visible. They probably would be if you had very very low cut shoes. These are really easy to put on and stay in place the whole time without shifting. The silicone band is stretchy and soft.

I enjoy the feeling of support provided by the arch cushion on the bottom of the foot. My arches tend to collapse, especially after a long day, so I appreciate these. As I said in the beginning of the review, please talk to your doctor if you are having foot aches or other issues - this product isn’t a substitute for medical care.

I wish I had something like this when I was a bank teller or worked as a cashier - my feet used to ache even in the morning (from the night before), and I think a good silicone arch support would have helped. Oh well, I suppose “kids these days” can have an easier time.

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