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Haruharu Wonder Black Bamboo Mist Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Plump Shop.

Haruharu is taking social media by storm. I went from never seeing it mentioned to getting several products in PR packages from various sources. Suddenly, I see Haruharu all over my feed! Is it hype? The result of successful marketing efforts and working with bloggers? Or maybe the products are actually awesome, so people naturally want to rave about them?

I’m not ready to talk about the brand as a whole quite yet, but I will review one of their things today - Haruharu Wonder Black Bamboo Mist. It’s available on Plump shop (save 25% with my code lucy25), YesStyle (save with reward code KBHOBBIT), Amazon, Jolse, and Stylevana (save with code INF10KBH until end of Oct 2021).

The HaruHaru Wonder Black Bamboo Mist promises to hydrate all skin types. It contains 500ppm Phyllostachys Nigra Extract and Bambusa Vulgaris Extract rich in antioxidants, plus beta-glucan and glycerin. A full list of ingredients is available at the end of the review.

How to use:

  • Gently shake the bottle

  • Spray all over the face

  • Pat in for best absorption

  • Can also be spritzed on cotton pads for a DIY hydrating mask

I personally use mists at the toner stage of skincare (after cleansing and before serums / creams). Others may prefer to apply them throughout the day.

Haruharu Wonder Black Bamboo Mist has a mild, pleasant scent that I happen to love. It’s actually my favorite mist out of several ones I’ve tried recently, largely due to the amazing fragrance.

My impressions

Let’s start with the elephant in the room for all of my ingredient list junkies - this product contains alcohol. Yes, the “bad”, drying kind. I have combination skin with some oily and some dry areas. The alcohol in this formula doesn’t bother me or cause any dryness or irritation. The mist doesn’t smell like alcohol at all, and if I didn’t read the ingredients list, I would have never guessed that alcohol is in there. I strongly believe in judging products based on their overall performance, feel, results, etc., and not just based on the ingredients list (unless you are allergic to specific things, then of course avoid them). Having baking soda in a cake recipe doesn’t mean the cake only tastes like baking soda, right? I’m not a cosmetic formulator, but I think the process is quite tricky. One product with alcohol could leave your skin a dry mess, while another could be just fine. The alcohol is pretty far down the ingredients list in the Haruharu mist, so there is probably not that much in there.

Ok, glad we covered that. I enjoy this mist - it’s a nice, easy addition to my evening routine (I’m entirely too lazy in the mornings to use anything other than vitamin C and SPF). The toner isn’t sticky or heavy, but hydrates well. Sometimes I use that as my only toner, and other times I follow with another layer of something else. The mist format also makes this a very convenient product to use on the body. I’ve been trying to be better about caring for the skin on my body and not just the face this year.

Have you tried any Haruharu products yet? What did you think?

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Haruharu Wonder Black Bamboo Mist ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Betaine, Propanediol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Phyllostachys Nigra Leaf Extract, Phyllostachys Pubescens Shoot Bark Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris Shoot Extract, Sodium Phytate, Alcohol, Beta-glucan, Aspergillus Ferment, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Polyglyceryl-10 Myristate, Fragrance


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