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I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product received as a free gift with purchase.

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Free gifts with purchase are a double sided coin. It’s fun and nice to get a little bonus, but it’s also how I end up discovering some of my favorite brands and inevitably purchase more. I’m sure it’s all brilliant marketing at work.

I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere

I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere was included as a free gift in one of my recent hauls. It’s available on Amazon and comes in 15 colors - mine is 06 Smoky Amber.

How to use

  • Click the button on the bottom until color comes out (might take a few clicks the first use)

  • Apply from the center of the lips and blend out

I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere

I’m Meme Lip Cashmere has a cushion tip applicator for easy and comfortable application. It dries down to a velvety, non-drying finish.

My impressions

I wasn’t going to review this, but apparently I took pictures of it before using it so here we go. I don’t like it, mostly because of the color. I didn’t get to pick it, but Smoky Amber is very flat and brown on me, making my entire face look like I have liver issues.

I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere

The applicator is also a bit strange - it’s unsightly after the first use or two, looking like a fuzzy brown toilet brush. The formula itself is OK for someone who likes a matte finish, but I prefer lipsticks with at least a little bit of gloss. That texture plus the color on my skin is why I don’t like it. Someone who wants a matte, creamy formula and gets to choose their color, I’m Meme Lip Cashmere may end up being a Holy Grail.


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I’M MEME I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere


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