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Kao MegRhythm Steam Thermo Patch Stick On Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by YesStyle.

My love affair with Kao heating patches started with their eye masks, and somehow I ended up stumbling upon Kao MegRhythm Steam Thermo Patch Stick Ons on YesStyle (use reward code KBHOBBIT for extra savings).

The box contains five individually wrapped heating patches. Once opened, each one gently warms up and stays warm for 5-8 hours, providing relief for sore muscles (especially low back) and cramping abdomens (if you are someone who menstruates, you know the joys of monthly cramps).

How to use:

  • Peel off the backing

  • Stick to undergarments or pants, depending on the sore area

  • Enjoy the relaxing heat

I am really impressed with these and wish the box had more than five in it. They actually stay warm for hours, as promised, and feel so good. I save them for period pains, but if I had more I’d use the patches for the low back too. My favorite time to use Kao Steam Patches is in the evening before bed - the heat helps everything feel better and I fall asleep easier than without them.

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Kao MegRhythm Steam Thermo Patch Stick On ingredients: Polypropylene, polyethylene iron powder

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