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Nicopy World Vita Lip Tint Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I wear minimal makeup every day, usually only mascara and powder. But I’ve noticed that a simple swipe of the right lip product makes it look like I put in real effort. 

My latest lip makeup is Nicopy World Vita Lip Tint in the color Dry Rose. It’s sold on* eBay and Amazon. The lip tint is paraben and ethanol free, vegan, and not tested on animals. The color options are: Pink, Orange Coral, and Dry Rose. I chose Dry Rose. 

Nicopy World Vita Lip Tint is made without PEG surfactants, ethanol, parabens, and SLS. The formula, high in vitamin C, combines the longevity of tint with the creaminess and gloss of lipstick.

How to use: 

  • Apply to clean, dry lips

  • That’s it!

My impressions:

This is awesome. I debated buying it, because I already have several lip products. But I’m so glad I did! Yes, the cute packaging definitely played a role. But beyond that, Nicopy World Vita Lip Tint goes on very evenly and smoothly. It’s somewhat shiny but not in a way that was popular in the soap operas from the 90s.



The top layer does leave marks on coffee mugs, but the tint part stays put quite well, even after eating. Perhaps most importantly, the tint doesn’t dry my lips. Another huge bonus - as it inevitably fades, it does so fairly evenly. So even if you don’t retouch at all during the day, your lips will still look good. 

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Nicopy World Vita Lip Tint Ingredients: 


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