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PACKage Forest Pick Moisturizing Cream Review

A good moisturizer is an essential step of any Korean beauty routine. It locks in all of the wonderful hydration provided by toners and essences and helps support a healthy skin barrier. If you are not familiar with the steps of a kbeauty routine, check out this video.

One of my current moisturizers is PACKage Forest Pick Moisturizing Cream. This cream is made without fragrance, colorants, parabens, alcohol and gluten (a big deal for people with contact gluten sensitivity). It’s sold on Amazon and eBay. All of the ingredients are certified as green / safe by EWG.

How to use:

Apply at the end of skincare (before SPF, if using in the morning)

Can be used in the morning or at night

Chamomile, mushroom extracts, fermented filtrates, and various herbs moisturize and balance the oil-water levels.

My impressions

This is a great moisturizer. Very simple but effective. No unneeded colorants or fragrances added. While I enjoy a pleasant aroma every so often, I prefer unscented products as they carry a lower risk of irritating the skin.

PACKage Forest Pick Moisturizing Cream works well for my combination skin. It locks in the hydration of toners and essences without being heavy or sticky. I can’t stand sticky products, especially if I’m going to use them in the morning.

The only thing I would change about this product is the packaging. I don’t think it does the cream justice. The size and proportions of the tube make it look like hand or body cream and cheapen the experience. I think a more elegant elongated tube, a pump bottle, or a jar with a spatula would have gone better with the excellent product inside. But that’s a small thing. Now that I know how awesome the contents are, I can look past the packaging shortcomings.

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PACKage Forest Pick Moisturizing Cream ingredients:

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