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SKIN79 Super Plus Pink BB Pact Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product received as PR.

Skin79 Super+ Pink BB Pact SPF30 PA++, available on Amazon and Jolse, promises to control sebum, hide textural imperfections, and “keep skin fresh”. I had a sample of the brand’s bb cream back in the day and remember really loving its matte finish and coverage. Since I don’t use bb creams often enough to own multiple tubes, and I already have a couple on hand, I decided to try the powder instead.

SKIN79 Super Plus Pink BB Pact

How to use

  • Apply the desired amount with the included puff

  • Should be used after sunscreen / makeup and as needed throughout the day

Despite the SPF30 rating, I wouldn’t recommend relying on powders as your only source of sun protection. It’s always a good idea to start with a base layer of a more traditional SPF, then use the powder more like a makeup product with a tiny added benefit of extra SPF.

This only comes in one shade - Natural Beige - which is why it ultimately didn’t work for me.

SKIN79 Super Plus Pink BB Pact

My impressions

I really wanted to like this, because my favorite SPF powder - Canmake Marshmallow - isn’t always easy to get. However, the color simply doesn’t work for me. It’s too dark and looks almost orange on my fair skin.

I enjoyed everything else - the convenient packaging, the matte finish, and medium (ish) coverage. It’s worth noting that I use a powder brush to apply all of my powders, which likely affects coverage. I saw a few Amazon reviews that said applying with the included puff resulted in pretty heavy camouflage where every missed spot was noticeable. This wasn’t my experience, but maybe it would have been if I used the provided applicator.

I would love to try this again if it came in a lighter color, but for now this is a no.

SKIN79 Super Plus Pink BB Pact

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