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Thera Clear Acne Patch Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Credithink.

I love trying new product types and brands, but there are certain things I always keep on hand. Pimple patches are one of those staples. I’ve tried various kinds - CosRx, Purito, By Wishtrend, etc. I’m currently using Thera Clear Acne Patches.

Thera Clear patches have a beveled design (thicker middle, thinner sides) for less visibility once applied and are quite thin. They are made of hydrocolloid and absorb oil and other impurities from the blemish while protecting it from external irritation (and busy picking fingers).

The patches are available on Amazon, sold by Credithink - a trusted retailer of authentic Korean skincare. You can save 10% with my code kbhobbit10 on all their offerings.

How to use:

  • Apply to clean skin

  • Leave on for as long as you’d like (I usually try to do it overnight)

  • Remove once the patch turns white from the absorbed oil

I use these mostly in the evenings after cleansing the face while the skin is clean and dry. I then do my evening routine over / around them - it works quite well. On the weekends, I use the patches whenever and just replace them when I see that they turned white. These are not totally invisible, but don’t stand out either. And once the whitening starts, it actually helps to hide red pimples.

My impressions

The patches are just fine. They work well for me and help any breakouts heal quicker. I’m a picker big time, so even having something that puts a physical barrier between my hands and the skin is helpful.

I can’t say these are any different than the other brands I tried. I like the beveled design since it looks less noticeable on the skin; other companies make beveled patches too. So, choose the brand that’s easily accessible to you and priced well and go from there. The Thera Clear patches are definitely a worthy contender, especially if you use my discount code.

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