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Tosowoong Scalp Scaler Seasalt Scrub Review

As usual, I’m writing about #haircare. In the beginning of September, I donated 10 inches (25 cm) of hair to a charity that provides wigs for sick kiddos, and now I’m growing everything back out. If you are interested in how I do that (or want to see my hair pre-cut, check out this video).

The scalp, just like the facial skin, should be regularly exfoliated. Hair care and styling products often leave behind a film of residue that can prevent hair from growing to its full potential. Thankfully, Korean skincare and hair care market is full of specialty products. I use a scalp exfoliator at least 1-2 times a week, or as needed.

Currently, I have Tosowoong Scalp Scaler Seasalt Scrub, sold on eBay and Jolse. The bottle is HUGE (hand for scale).

Inside is a product with consistency of shampoo mixed with large granules of sea salt. The smell is pleasant - base note of amber / musk, middle - black currant berries and leaves, top - bulgarian rose, bergamot and mandarin. This yummy description comes from the manufacturer; I’m definitely not this skilled in aroma analysis. All I know is I really enjoy the scent.

Tosowoong Scalp Scaler Seasalt Scrub contains a scalp loving phyto complex: menthol, sea salt, green tea, tea tree oil, and matricaria.

How to use: 

  1. Apply to wet scalp

  2. Massage

  3. Add water, massage more (the scrub will foam like shampoo)

  4. Rinse

  5. If you use conditioners or any other post-shampoo treatments, use them at this point

I tried using this before, after, and instead of shampoo (I have oily roots and dry/normal shafts). I prefer using it instead of shampoo once a week. It does a great job washing off all the impurities and my hair stays clean longer. The manufacturer’s official recommendation is to use this instead of shampoo.

The scrub is also advertised as a dandruff treatment. I do not suffer from dandruff and thus can’t comment on how effective Tosowoong Scalp Scaler would be. 

My Impressions:

Simply great. The huge size makes it a frugal purchase. It’s just as effective and pleasant to use as a similar Aromatica scrub (review here), but cheaper per ounce. In the spirit of being fair, I do have to note that my nozzle dispenser isn’t working well. Some of the scrub must have dried up there. Could I soak it and wash it and get it to work? Probably. But I’m lazy, so I twist off the whole nozzle attachment and just squeeze the product into my palms. It’s fast and it works great.

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Towosoong Scalp Scaler Seasalt Scrub ingredients (at least I hope they are! I couldn't find any in English):

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03 dic 2019

I wshw there were English ingredients! Sounds good though!

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