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Wishtrend Black Friday 2019 Sale Preview

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I love a good sale. I prepare for November months in advance by curbing my spending, making lists of wanted items, and setting a budget (I go over my sale survival tips in this video).

Last year, the Wishtrend sale completely rocked my boat. I wasn’t familiar with it ahead of time and felt a bit overwhelmed. I’ve loved pretty much everything I bought there. This year, I have a bit of an inside scoop for you on what’s coming!

A few quick reasons why I love Wishtrend:

  • Easy to navigate site

  • High quality products

  • Unique brands (#klairs #bywishtrend and more)

  • Full instructions and ingredients in English

Here’s a preview Wishtrend sent me of their Black Friday 2019 specials.

Get an extra 5% off during Black Friday Month (November 11 - December 4th) with the code JOHNSONWTBF5

Are you ready for all the holiday shopping?

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