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Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patch Review

Hi, I’m Lucy and I have two confessions:

1. I love eye patches

2. I avoid parabens when I can

Do you know how hard it is to find eye patches without parabens? Go ahead, try it; I’ll wait. They must be Korean for the purpose of this challenge. No luck? Ready to give up? Ha! I almost was, too. The tricky thing about korean beauty and skincare right now is that the ingredients are not always listed online. I try to provide either text or a picture of the label in all reviews, and sometimes that involves typings things in manually, using google translate on pictures and so on. I’ve been on the hunt for paraben-free eye patches for months. Eureka! I have them.

What are eye patches even for? The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than on the rest of the face, and often succumbs to aging first. Eye patches provide a concentrated burst of hydration and beneficial ingredients to that area. Think of them as a mini mask for your under eye concerns. Most eye patches are made from hydrogel and are soaked in nutrient rich serums. As the hydrogel warms on the skin, the beneficial ingredients are released.

Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patches come in a sturdy plastic box with a double-sealed lid and a small spatula (I can never get a hang of those and just use clean fingers). There are 60 patches, enough for 30 applications. The patches can also be used on the nasolabial folds (the area between nostrils and the corners of the mouth), forehead, and any other areas that need a little extra love and care.

How to use:

1. Apply to clean skin after toner

2. Relax for 20-30 minutes

3. Remove and discard, follow with eye cream

Note: I apply them with the chunky part toward the nose, but if you have a lot of crow’s feet, feel free to flip that positioning to get the most coverage in the troubled areas. Slapping these on the area between the eyebrows is another great option.

These are available on eBay and Amazon

The patches are made with colloidal gold. Over time, colloidal gold strengthens and reinforces weakened and damaged skin while supporting its natural healing abilities. I had to do some research into this ingredient and saw claims of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. I also learned that it creates a protective shield on the skin, heals sun damage, and boosts circulation.

I love the patches. They start out super wet and slippery because of the serum on them, but as the hydrogel heats up, they stick really well to the skin. I could probably do laundry or wash dishes while wearing them, but I won’t :) I definitely prefer to sit on my buns and relax while masking or patching. And the kid photobombs every chance she gets :) It’s cool, I’m ok with her watching mom take care of her skin.

The patches are available on eBay and Amazon

I have a few small fine lines under the eyes, and those smooth out after the patches. I also see a de-puffing effect. If you have a special occasion coming up, use them before applying makeup to ensure a crease-free evening. Concealer tends to settle into the small textural imperfections under the eyes, and the patches plump them up and make the skin smooth.

The verdict: I recommend these. They are great. And the smell is amazing.


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