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Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket for Beauty Sleep Review

Updated: Apr 23

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Sleep&Glow.

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My husband can fall asleep anywhere. Cocomelon blasting on tv, sun shining through the windows and kids running around? Perfect. Time to snooze on the floor! I, on the other hand, need blackout curtains, white noise, my Sleep&Glow pillow, and perfect room temperature to even consider sleeping. A midday nap with my youngest? Forget it. By the time I spend 30 minutes tossing and turning, adjusting the blanket, putting on socks and taking them back off, it’s almost time to get up. 

I’ve heard about weighted blankets for years, mostly within the scope of helping people with sensory challenges, and it made me curious. My passionate love for the Sleep&Glow pillows is no secret, so when I saw that the brand now offers weighted blankets, I had to have one. These blankets are supposed to feel like a hug, help raise serotonin and lower cortisol, and ease anxiety. Feel free to use my affiliate code KB10 when you shop on the site to save 10% on your order.

Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket

I didn’t reach out to Sleep&Glow for beauty reasons, but since this is a beauty blog - getting a good night’s sleep does wonders for the complexion and the overall look. In fact, no skincare in the world can replace good quality, restful sleep.

I have the Queen 20lb one, which works lovely on my King sized bed. The husband mistakenly thought that “we” had a weighted blanket now. Wrong. “I” have one. He has the other blankets hehe.

Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket

How to use

  • Cover up

  • Snooze away

Don’t use with small children or anyone who would not be able to get out from under the blanket without assistance. See the brand website for more info.

Sleep&Glow uses the highest quality 400TC cotton, which feels very soft and wonderful to the touch. The weight is added via glass microbeads inside natural hollow fiber. The whole thing is cozy, fluffy, and pleasantly heavy.

The blankets are hand-wash only (well, the site says they can be machine washed, but there’s no way my washer can handle a 20lb item), so I bought a cotton cover for mine. I chose this one and it’s been working well. Sleep&Glow weighted blankets has special little loops and the cover has ties on the inside. Tying them to the loops ensures no shifting or bunching - it’s great. 

Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket

My impressions

I love this. And just like with the pillow, it means two things - I get much better sleep at home, but I miss my setup soooo much when I’m traveling!!!

20lbs sounds like a lot, and of course lugging something like that around would feel heavy. But sleeping under a 20lb blanket doesn’t feel heavy at all - it’s magical! Like a full body hug that’s not restrictive in any way. It instantly calms me down and feels so cozy. I can actually nap during the day now, especially if I wear one of the light blocking masks I got from Amazon.

Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket
My Sleep&Glow pillow and blanket

Almost every night, I start out pretty chilly / cold, but then warm up as I sleep. The Sleep&Glow blanket isn’t hot or sweaty, but sometimes I want to have more warmth in the beginning of sleep, so I add another traditional blanket on top. If it gets too hot, I simply move the top blanket (as in, I shove it on top of my spouse for him to deal with it hehe). I will likely use just the Sleep&Glow blanket by itself as we head into Summer.

I have no idea if what I’m experiencing is a placebo effect, and frankly I do not care. Because I do, in fact, fall asleep faster and sleep better in general. My kids keep trying to weasel their way into my bed as well, which isn’t a rare occurrence, but now “I want to be under your special blanket” is a new excuse. My 10 year old keeps trying to convince us she needs her own.

Sleep&Glow Weighted Blanket
My LIttle Blanket Hog :)

Now that I have been sleeping under the Sleep&Glow weighted blanket for close to two months,  I can confidently say that if something happened to it, I would repurchase it with my own money in an instant. It’s absolutely worth it to me. 


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