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Sleep&Glow Omnia Pillow Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Sleep&Glow.

I bought a few advent calendars for Christmas 2020. My 6 year old really wanted to know what I picked for us, so I said “it’s something mommy really likes”. “Is it sleep?” she asked. If only sleep could be packaged into a little box! I would certainly pay for that. The calendar was for nail polish...

I recently had a chance to try the amazing Sleep&Glow Omnia pillow, which is as close to buying actual sleep as one can get. I’ve been curious about them ever since seeing Dr. Dray praise hers. The curiosity got even stronger when I heard Robert Welsh talk about his reduced neck and shoulder pain, and I finally decided to get one when Jude Chao from Fifty Shades of Snail raved about hers. I reached out to Sleep&Glow first for a collaboration, and they agreed! But if they hadn’t, I would have purchased one myself. You can get yours here and save $10 with my code KB10

Yes, my case is a little wrinkled. Sorry, with two kids I'm not ironing pillow cases. You certainly can, though!

Sleep&Glow Omnia Pillow has a special patented design with side cradles that minimize wrinkling of the skin while you sleep. It was developed with the help of orthopaedists to ensure correct sleep positioning and can help with fine lines, puffiness, and the overall quality of sleep. The pillowcases are either 100% tencel or silk. Mine is the tencel one. Each pillow is designed to last five years.

The package includes an optional insert to lift the pillow up a bit more. I’m using the insert as that makes the pillow height perfect for me. Definitely experiment with that and see which option you prefer.

I couldn’t wait for my brand new pillow case to dry before using the pillow, so I started out with it in one of my regular cases. That still works, but of course the specially designed Sleep&Glow pillow case fits much better.

I’ve been sleeping on this pillow daily for about two weeks. It’s amazing! If something happened to it, I would buy a new one immediately. I never realized just how often I used to reposition my old pillow at night, fluffing it or turning it the other side up. I have no issues like that with the Omnia - it’s perfect every moment. The brand provides a suggested adjustment schedule, starting with 15 minutes on day one, having your old pillow nearby day 2, etc. I was able to just move to the Omnia and never looked back.

The pillow is so comfortable! It’s made from memory foam, but is completely different from any other memory foam products I’ve tried. It definitely feels comfortable but doesn’t “deflate” when I use it - it stays nice and elevated the entire night, providing perfect support for my neck. I had an injury when I was born, so my neck is a problem area for me as far as pain and discomfort. But I feel so great sleeping on Sleep&Glow.

I realize this whole post sounds like one giant commercial, but that’s because I love the pillow. It’s not a sponsored post. It’s amazing just how much better my sleep is now! I basically lie down, close my eyes and zonk out within minutes. And no more middle-of-the-night pillow adjustments!

We are going away for a couple of nights this weekend, and I’m seriously considering bringing my pillow with me. I never understood people who traveled with their own pillows until now.

The main benefits from Sleep&Glow for me are improved sleep, reduced tension in the neck and shoulders, and overall superior comfort at night. My whole upper body gets sore from all the computer work I do, and partially from weight lifting, and I used to even have that soreness in the mornings - but no more.

Optional insert:

I also notice reduced puffiness in the morning as well as sleep lines. I 100% recommend this to everyone. It’s worth every penny, even if mine was sent as PR. I would have no problems paying for one out of pocket.

What’s your favorite sleep hack? Let me know!

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