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Facetory Subscription Review

I have a subscription problem.

Well, three problems:

  1. I like subscriptions

  2. Most of them are expensive

  3. I’m usually disappointed and cancel after the first box (this goes for anything - makeup, food, cosmetics, whatever)

Part of being a blogger specializing in reviews is constantly trying new things. So I decided to try the Facetory mask subscription in March. They are based in California, so the shipping is quick, and the price wasn’t too bad for 7 high end masks.

The day before my first box arrived, I cancelled the subscription (I was afraid I’d forget to later). About a week after my box arrived, I renewed it. Because it’s amazing :)

Here is why I chose to renew (and my April box is already here - woohoo!):

High quality products

I sheet mask (I love English and how “sheet mask” can be a verb) almost daily, so I’ve tried lots and lots of different kinds. So far, every single one of Facetory’s has been good quality and higher-end materials. When you are like me and have masked and masked, you start to notice things like fit, serum quality, saturation, etc. pretty quickly.

Can buy what you loved

Facetory has a marketplace (with free shipping in the US, no minimum purchase required) where you can re-purchase masks that you loved or try something else. Pretty nifty.

Good customer service

I only had to contact customer service once, but they were polite and responsive.

Gift with first box

If you use this link to sign up, you get up to 4 free sheet masks with your first box. Nice, isn’t it? I got the same deal and it was sweet.

When you click that link, in about 5-10 seconds you will see this popup. Enter your email and then check it for the free code.

Points system

Everything you spend earns you points which can then be redeemed for $ off subscriptions or toward their shop purchases. And since the shipping is free, $5 can get you something nice.

Cool packaging

I’m not a fancy person and don’t buy a lot of fancy things. So when my box arrives with a nice instructions card, another cute themed postcard, and adorable tissue paper, you can count me impressed. Presentation is important, guys (and gals).

Facetory has been a cool way for me to discover new masks that I may not have otherwise found. Check them out if you have a free moment.

To learn about the other places I like to shop for my Korean skincare, read this post.

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