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La’dor Triple x3 Natural Shampoo Review

I have blonde (naturally, but usually red from henna), straight, thin and fine hair. The roots are oily, everything else is dry. I remember freaking out in high school and washing my hair for the second time that day before a date because it didn’t look clean (now that I’m “old and wise”, I know that if someone can’t like me with oily hair, then they are not for me).

Before I got things under control, my roots often looked dirty by the end of the day. It’s basically common knowledge now that washing hair daily isn’t good for the scalp or the strands - it can strip off the beneficial natural oils, make the hair brittle and the scalp itchy and either too dry or too oily. Plus, it washes out hair color and I like my red as bright as it can be.

I’m not sure why but it only recently dawned on me that most of the hardcore clarifying shampoos for oily hair de-greased the scalp so much that the oil glands rebelled and produced even more oil to compensate. The exact same thing happens with facial skin. So I stopped looking for shampoos for “oily hair” and switched to gentler formulas.

I have tried a few other La’dor products and was not disappointed, so trying this TripleX natural shampoo seemed logical. This natural surfactant product contains tea tree, lavender and lemon oils to cleanse and refresh scalp and hair. Turmeric, Sancho, and Baekdu-hwang sung regulate oil production.

The shampoo is available on eBay and Amazon (sometimes it's out of stock).

Manufacturer promises:

  • No irritation to the scalp

  • No itching/flakes/dandruff

  • Normalized oil gland function

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Natural ingredients to protect and heal the hair

  • Shinier and silkier strands

Doesn’t contain: sulphates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, mineral oil/silicone, chemical preservatives. The manufacturer suggests washing the hair twice - lather, rinse, repeat, but I think that’s just a marketing ploy to get you to use more product. I have great results with a single wash.

My impressions:

This shampoo is perfect for my hair. The oil factory on my scalp has closed shop. My hair is clean without getting too dry, and I even have less static during the dry winter months. As an added bonus, this shampoo smells very nice but the aroma is difficult to describe. I will definitely be buying it again as my bottle is almost empty.

If you aren’t used to sulphate-free shampoo, you might be surprised by the small amount of bubbles. Just add more water to the palms/hair and everything will foam up nicely. Don’t keep adding more shampoo - a small amount is enough. Since TripleX doesn’t contain silicones, wet hair might feel less soft to the touch. I use conditioner (from ears to the ends, not on the roots) and my hair is soft as usual.

The shampoo is available on eBay and Amazon (not always, however).

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