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Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker Review

I’m a nonconformist at heart - in my teenage years, I had tons of piercings and crazy hair, today I have a full "leg sleeve" tattoo and action figures in my cubicle. I’m a nerd. And sometimes that makes me resist “mainstream” items to my own detriment. For example, it took me ages to buy Game of Thrones (books) because “everyone was into them” and I didn’t want to be (too bad, they are amazing).

In the same way, I have resisted the much loved “bubble makers” for Korean foaming cleansers. These basic little devices combine water and a drop of your favorite cleanser to create rich, luxurious, gentle foam (great for in-shower play beards). I saw them as a waste of the precious shelf space and generally thought my hands were good enough. I was so wrong!

One fateful day, I was only a few dollars short of hitting a minimum to use a good coupon at a local beauty store, and they had these Nooni Marshmallow Whip Makers (also available on eBay and Amazon). I took one home.

It’s very simple to use - pour a bit of water (to the “water” line on the bottom of the jar), put a bead of your favorite foaming cleanser on the top part, then close the lid and move the handle up and down vigorously for a few seconds (you’ll see some bubbles come through the opening). That’s it! Enjoy the luxurious foam. This process makes cleansers more gentle by evenly mixing the product with water better than you can by hand. Plus, it saves your most prized cleansers since you need less amount to make lots of foam. I love it.

I guess being mainstream in some ways is not that bad. After all, popular things are popular for a reason, right?

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