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[JOLSE] 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask 3ea Review

This 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask sheet mask promises to whiten skin (aka make the skin tone more even) and then seal in the hydration with a nourishing cream in the second step. The ginseng in the ingredients helps restore the water-oil balance and give a radiant, smooth skin. The HAF (heat activated film) technology is the “next level” of hydrogel masks that delivers the goodness of the active ingredients to the skin, reacting with the body heat.

I won this set from and was very excited to try them. Hydrogel is probably my favorite type of sheet mask material because of the luxurious feel on the skin and typically a good, tight adhesion. I received 3 of these, but they are sold in packs of 10 online.

How to use:

  1. Apply step 1 (the sheet mask) to a clean face after toner

  2. Remove and discard the outer mesh

  3. Keep on for 10-20 minutes

  4. Remove and discard the mask, apply the cream (step 2)

The manufacturer recommends using these masks before bed for the best results.

My impressions:

Not perfect, but good. The main gripe I have with this mask is the fit. I realize that it’s probably just my face, but the mask was a bit large for me and I had a hard time getting it to adhere as well as other hydrogel ones typically do for me. That’s a pretty small issue, however.

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry-to-normal cheeks. My skin soaks up the serum of this mask right in! When I remove the hydrogel, barely any of the “liquid” is left on the skin - it’s all absorbed, and my face looks immediately more plump (especially the forehead, which is prone to lines for me). I can’t say much about the whitening effects as my pigmentation has been under control lately.

The step 2 cream is very pleasant. It has a sherbet-like silky texture that is by no means heavy. The manufacturer is generous with the amount, and for me about half the pack is enough for the face. I used the rest on my neck and chest. The entire system smells very light and pleasant with ginseng notes.

As recommended, I use these masks in the evenings (as I do with most sheet masks, anyway). After the cream, there’s a tiny bit of stickiness on the face but it’s not bad - not a deal breaker. Everything is absorbed by morning and the skin feels soft and smooth. Definitely be sure to wash your face before doing your morning routine.

Overall verdict - a good, quality product. This would especially benefit those with dry, aging, and mature skin, and those who are traveling and want to minimize the amount of jars and bottles they haul with them. Read my other sheet mask reviews here. Again, thank you to Jolse for hosting this giveaway. I was very happy to win.

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