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NOHJ Milky Glow - Calming Moisture Mask Review

I finish almost every day with a relaxing sheet mask. The NOHJ Milky Glow - Calming Moisture Mask promises glowing skin and is available on YesStyle, Facetory, and eBay.

Active ingredients:

  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract - fights aging with strong antioxidant properties

  • Milk Extract - evens out the skin tone and moisturizes

  • Blueberry Fruit Extract - protects the skin from photo damage (as in, the sun) and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

How to use:

  1. Cleanse the face and use toner

  2. Apply the mask for 10-20 minutes

  3. Remove and pat in the remaining serum. Follow with the rest of your routine

My impressions:

This was a great mask. Not as visually flashy as the brand's Chrysanthemum mask (review and pictures here), but still very effective. The material is soft and thick, very well saturated with serum. The serum itself feels luxurious and rich without being heavy. I love that feeling on my skin - soft, gentle hydration with an emollient component. After removing the sheet portion, my face was left with plenty of the serum to be patted in. I still sealed it with a cream, but that step was almost optional here - the skin felt very plump and happy with just the mask alone. I would definitely purchase this again. If you are interested in my other sheet mask reviews, please look here.

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