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AIPPO Seoul Ceramic BB Cream Review

I rarely wear foundation, because a lot of products in that category feel too heavy. But my fair, combination skin shows any irritation right away, so I like to have a good BB cream in my arsenal, just in case. 

My latest makeup product is AIPPO Seoul Ceramic BB Cream. It’s sold on YesStyle and only comes in one color, as far as I can tell. The packaging is great - a slim tube with a pump dispenser that allows you to get only what you need out of each squeeze.

How to use: 

  • Apply a thin, even layer after sunscreen

  • I like to dust mine with a thin layer of translucent powder at the end 

I always appreciate makeup that contains beneficial ingredients beyond just the visual camouflaging of imperfections. AIPPO Ceramic BB cream is made with centella asiatica (a potent anti inflammatory and anti redness Korean beauty ingredient), glacier water (hydration) and vitamin E (skin barrier support). This seems to be a fairly new brand, or at least one I have not heard of before, so I could not find a complete list of ingredients in English online. I’m including a picture of the packaging for your reference at the end of the review.

My impressions:

I’m very happy with this product. The coverage is just right for me - light to medium and very natural looking. It makes my skin look fresh and healthy without being caked in makeup. It might not hide extreme redness or anything very dark, but for my purposes it works very well. As I mentioned, I always finish my application with a thin layer of powder, but you don’t have to. The finish of the BB cream is quite natural, not too matte but not shiny, and pleasant to the touch. 

Perhaps my favorite part about the AIPPO BB cream is that I can’t feel it at all. If I touch my face (which I try not to do, outside of the morning and evening skincare), it doesn’t feel sticky or oily - just velvety smooth and soft. The coverage lasts all day, nothing settles into pores or slides around. I do not touch up my makeup throughout the day (because I’m lazy).

If you have fair to medium skin tone, this is worth looking into. I do not think the color would work for deeper toners. I am anxiously waiting for the day when Korean beauty manufacturers realize that their products are now being enjoyed globally and start coming out with more inclusive foundation lineups in terms of shade.

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AIPPO Seoul Ceramic BB Cream Ingredients:

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