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Aprilskin Real Calendula Peeling Pad Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When I was a little girl, my mom made calendula infusions and applied them with cotton balls to red and irritated areas. In general, calendula is well known in Russia for its soothing properties. It seems that most of the people in the United States (at least the ones I am around) are far removed from such naturopathy and are not familiar with calendula at all. Anyway, what was I saying? 

Oh yes, I got my hands on one of the new releases - the Aprilskin Real Calendula Peeling Pad. I actually have a few products from this calendula line (more reviews coming soon!). The pads are sold on* eBay.

The pads are made in a familiar fashion - with one embossed side (the other is smoother). The ingredients include 79% calendula flower water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, allantoin (a full list can be found at the end of the review). One can easily spot actual calendula petals in the jar.

The manufacturer promises that the pads will remove anything missed by the cleansing oil and foam, while hydrating and improving skin texture. Pores will become more clear and less visible, and makeup will go on better.

How to use:

  1. Carefully wipe your face after cleansing (first with the textured side, and then with the smooth one)

  2. Gently massage your face to allow the toner/essence to absorb

  3. Follow with your regular routine

The pads can be used in the morning or at night. The manufacturer also suggests storing them in the fridge to prolong freshness and to offer a soothing and cooling sensation during use. I keep mine in the bathroom as that is the most convenient place for me.

Aprilskin Real Calendula Peeling Pads contain only safe / “green” ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and will work for any skin type. Suitable for daily use.

My impressions:

These pads are wonderful and very gentle. I think the name “peeling pad” is misleading, as it makes me think of exfoliating products such as Neogen pads. Instead, these are toner pads that are great for daily use. They are part of my morning routine in place of regular toner. This was my first ever Aprilskin experience; I have since acquired a couple more products because this line seems to agree with my skin.

About the hydration claim - I have combination skin, and in the morning these offer plenty of hydration for me. However, at night I prefer to add in extra hydrating products, such as thicker toners (after the pad) or sheet masks. I love the delicate, slightly citrusy scent. I think these are definitely worth a try.

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