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B_LAB PHA Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil Review

Introduction to double cleansing through Korean beauty changed my entire skincare game. I honestly don’t know how I existed so long without it. I can appreciate a great cleansing oil or balm equally and alternate between the two product types for my first cleanser.

The B_LAB PHA Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil came to me through a Jolse giveaway. It’s also available to purchase on* Jolse website. I’m always excited to try new brands - this is my first B_LAB product.

This cleansing oil is made with PHA (a gentle form of exfoliating acid that’s becoming super popular lately) to remove dirt, impurities, and even waterproof makeup. I don’t wear makeup very often, but still double cleanse daily since it’s the best way for me to remove sunscreen.

This product is formulated for people with sensitive skin and those who do not like thicker cleansing oils. It’s made without fragrance, mineral oil, and colorants and has a skin-loving pH of 5.5.

How to use:

  • Apply with dry, clean hands to dry, dirty face

  • Gently massage (can be used even for eye makeup removal)

  • Add water, massage a bit more (the product will emulsify)

  • Rinse, follow with a foaming cleanser

Beside PHA, B_LAB cleansing oil also contains grapeseed oil and jojoba oils to balance oil production / remove excess sebum.

My impressions

I have mixed feelings about this product. It definitely works and cleanses well (I know that because my pores clog up quickly when not properly cleansed). My skin has been clear and supple after using B_LAB cleansing oil.

The brand states that there’s no added fragrance, and I’m not sure if tea tree oil in the ingredients would count as “fragrance” or not (natural fragrance is still fragrance). I notice a very light scent that doesn’t bother me.

What I’m not crazy about is the consistency. The oil is very thin / watery. Reading the marketing materials, I think it’s on purpose, since the brand positions it as meant for people who dislike the heavy feeling of other cleansing oils. But I like a slightly thicker formula, even as thick as cleansing balms, because it’s easier for me to maneuver. I’ve never had issues with thicker oils feeling heavy or leaving a residue. But, I also appreciate that everyone is different, and there’s probably a market for a very light, liquid cleansing oil.

The texture is not a deal breaker to me. I’ve been using this oil pretty much daily for I’m not even sure how long (long enough to see that my skin is doing well with it, and long enough to feel secure in my opinion).

Have you tried this oil or anything else by B_LAB? How did that go for you? Do you prefer thin or thicker cleansing products?

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I won this product. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are my own.

B_LAB PHA Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil ingredients:


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