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Bepure Daily Remedy Treatment Review

I have fine, straight hair that is getting fairly long. I donated most of it a year ago, and am currently growing it out again, so careful nourishment to prevent tangles and breakage is important.

One of the products in my hair mask rotation is Bepure Daily Remedy Treatment. It is made with 7 types of hyaluronic acid, soybean and pearl proteins for shiny and soft strands. It came to me in a By Sophie PR box and is available on* YesStyle (although that’s a bit hit and miss).

How to use:

  1. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair

  2. Rinse after 1-2 minutes

The treatment has a creamy consistency of thick conditioner. Despite being called “daily remedy”, I do not use it every day - that would be too much for my fine hair. I use it maybe once a week, if I can stomach it (more on that later).

My impressions

I have such mixed feelings about this hair mask. On one hand, it makes my hair very soft, smooth, and shiny. Even a day or two later, it looks and feels amazing (I do not shampoo my hair daily). My struggle is with the fragrance. Both the type and the amount.

The scent is overpowering and lingers for hours. Even the next morning, my pillow case smells like Bepure Daily Remedy Treatment. That would have been OK if I liked the scent, but I can barely stand it. While I don’t believe scents go with any gender, this one reminds me of cheap cologne. The shampoo from this line had a similar issue, but the fragrance wasn’t as strong. But with the treatment, it’s like a stinky punch in the brain. To add insult to injury, one time I mixed the tube up with my face wash and tried washing my face with it… I’ll let you figure out how well that worked out.

It actually landed in my Fails video, along with the shampoo:

So, I use this infrequently. I love the results, I hate the process (kind of like hair removal haha). I cannot bring myself to get rid of the tube since the contents do such lovely things for my hair.

If you like very strong scents, perhaps give this one a go. It’s a little hard to find, and it’s not cheap, but it does work.

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*Affiliate link

This product was gifted to me. This is not a sponsored review.

Bepure Daily Remedy Treatment ingredients:

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