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ENOUGH PROJECT Sweet Peach pH Balancing Shampoo and Vinegar Treatment Review

This post contains affiliate links. Products provided by Jolse.

Now that my skin is mostly behaving, I’m exploring the vast and wonderful world of Korean haircare. I have fine, thin, straight hair that’s color treated with henna. The length is normal-to-dry, and the scalp is on the oily side. No particular issues like dandruff or sensitivities.

I’ve been using Enough Project Sweet Peach pH Balancing Shampoo and Vinegar Treatment several times a week for a few weeks now. Mine came in a gift pack, along with special microfiber gloves. You can purchase the gift set or separate products on Jolse.

ENOUGH PROJECT Sweet Peach pH Balancing Shampoo comes in a big (430ml) pump bottle. It promises to balance oil and moisture levels. The product inside looks like clear gel and forms wonderful, fragrant bubbles. The scent is definitely strong (I love it). The brand describes it better than I ever could, with top notes being fruity citrus, middle floral, and bottom amber musk.

The pH Balancing Vinegar Treatment aims at balancing the pH of the scalp, removing impurities, and improving the overall condition of the skin and hair. It has a texture a bit thicker than water and the same (or very similar) scent to the shampoo. The nozzle makes it easy to apply directly to the scalp.

How to use:

  • Wear the included microfiber gloves (they help get the best lather, but they aren’t mandatory)

  • Shampoo the hair

  • Rinse

  • Apply the hair vinegar to the scalp and hair

  • Rinse after 2 minutes

I like to apply the vinegar to the scalp, then use a separate conditioner on the ends and let all of that sit on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

There’s not a lot of information available about these products in English, so I can’t perfectly recite all the product claims and promises. However, I can definitely talk about my experience and opinions, so let’s get to that.

My impressions

I really like the shampoo. I used the gloves a couple of times, and they do make the foam extra… mmm… foamy? Bubbly? They do create a more abundant foam! There! But, it’s also hard for me to remember them, and I can’t keep them on the side of the tub since they get wet when my kids bathe, so they aren’t really a regular part of my shampooing experience. Everything works just fine without the gloves.

The scent is strong and lingers for a little while. I really enjoy it, so it doesn’t bother me. I do think it fades my henna a bit faster than other shampoos do, which isn’t ideal for me. So, I plan to stick to other shampoos when my henna is fresh (the first 1-2 weeks after coloring), and then use this one when I’m closer to the next color session. I’m not sure if people who use actual hair colors or have theirs done at salons would have the same experience.

The hair vinegar is fun to use. It’s not irritating (not at all like actual vinegar), never stings or burns. To be honest, I’m not sure if it actually does much for the scalp, but it’s fun to use. Again, I enjoy the scent. Just doing hair vinegar alone isn’t enough for the rest of my hair, so I do use actual conditioner on the ends. I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to the condition of my scalp, and I do think that it’s a bit cleaner and fresher than without the vinegar. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this, but I would get the shampoo again. I wish there was a conditioner with this same scent, too.

Have you tried anything from Enough Project? Or Enuf Proj, as the bottles say. What did you think?

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