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La Muse Perfume Recovery Body Cleanser & Body Cream Review

It’s been a little while since I posted a fail review. Here we go.

La Muse Perfume Recovery Body Cleanser & Body Cream came to me as a travel kit in one of By Sophie k beauty boxes. I’m so glad it was only a travel size. It’s sold on* YesStyle (use a rewards code KBHOBBIT) and eBay.

The body wash doubles as a gentle exfoliator. It contains walnut shell powder to buff away dead skin cells. The cream soothes and nourishes with a blend of natural oils.

How to use

  • Massage the body with a generous amount of cleanser

  • Rinse

  • Towel dry and apply the cream liberally

Note - the towel drying is in the official instructions. I prefer to apply any moisturizers to damp skin to seal in all that wonderful water / hydration.

My impressions

Let’s start with the body wash. That actually wasn’t bad. The little beads exfoliated without being rough. It was, however, highly fragranced past the point of enjoyment for me. Still, I used it up without issues.

The body cream… Sigh. I would love to know how La Muse managed to pack this much scent into a travel sized tube. Seriously. I actually struggled to finish it. And it was a good moisturizer as far as its ability to make my skin soft and smooth; but the scent ruined it for me. I know it’s a matter of preference, and oftentimes things that I find off puttingly smelly work just fine for my friends, but this is a biased review based on my own opinions.

I’m happy to say that La Muse has some really great products, like their clay mask (review here) or lip balms (review here), but these two body items weren’t my favorites.


*Affiliate links

These products were sent to me for free. This is not a sponsored review (obviously).

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