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La Muse Deep Color Lip Balm Review

This year has been challenging for so many people. I’ve been finding small pockets of joy in seemingly insignificant things - a hot cup of tea, a good book, pretty lip colors (even if it’s just at home). One of the recent By Sophie beauty boxes included three La Muse Deep Color Lip balms. Watch the unboxing / swatches here.

These are sold on* YesStyle (use a rewards code KBHOBBIT for an extra discount), Amazon, and eBay.

I have three colors - Petal, Lusty, and Bud. These lip balms are infused with shea butter to moisturize and plump, plus vitamin E and sea buckthorn oil to nourish. Fun fact about me - when I was little, growing up in Russia, we had a sea buckthorn tree next to our dacha (like a summer house). You haven’t lived until you’ve been charged with picking off the delicate, easy to burst sea buckthorn berries off the branches…

La Muse Deep Color Lip Balms can be applied in a single coat for a subtle color, or layered for a more dramatic effect.

Petal, Bud, Lusty:

My impressions

These are wonderful. Bud is my favorite for most situations. Petal is what my daughter likes the most; it’s feminine and beautiful. Lusty is a bit more “vavavoom”, but being a tinted balm it’s still easy and not intimidating to use.

So far this year, I spent over 5 months working from home, was back in the office for about 3 months, and now it looks like it’s back to the basement office for me until at least mid January. Don’t get me wrong, wearing lounge wear all day is epic, but it also does something strange to my mental health. In a small way, having some easy to use and pretty lip color on helps.

I love how smooth and nourishing these balms are. They aren’t greasy at all. The color does imprint on coffee mugs and husbands, but it’s not too messy and in general doesn’t bother me. It generally lasts much better than I would expect from a lip balm, and it’s super easy to reapply as needed.

I’m enjoying these much more than I expected. I always thought lip color was for “going out”, but in 2020 it’s for staying in :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. Let’s hope the next one is less isolated.

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La Muse Deep Color Lip Balm ingredients


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