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Logically Skin Acne Cleanser Review

Salicylic acid didn’t interest me as much as some of the other kbeauty ingredients. It’s just not as exciting as hyaluronic acid, allantoin, or a whole lot of other things that I only learned about in the last 5 years. Salicylic acid was around even when I was a teen, so I wrote it off as boring. And yet, there’s a reason why it’s still popular - because it works so well for breakouts!

I’m currently almost finished with Logically, Skin Acne Cleanser. It was gifted to me through a by Sophie beauty box and can be purchased on* Stylevana and Jolse.

The generously sized 300ml bottle can be used as a face or body wash and contains 0.5% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient for pore care, because it exfoliates the skin and removes sebum. It can help with congested pores and prevent future issues. In a leave-on product, BHA (another name for salicylic acid) could be potentially drying or irritating, so a wash-off formula is a good idea for a beginner.

In addition to salicylic acid, Logically, Skin also contains aloe vera extract and green tea.

How to use:

  • Use as a foaming face wash (after oil cleansing, if using at night)

  • Can also be used as a shower gel to help body acne

  • After massaging into skin, rinse off

The cleanser is clear, gel-like, and has a very slight aroma, I assume from the raw materials in the formula. It doesn’t linger. The product has no artificial fragrances or dyes, but does contain lavender oil (yet doesn't smell as lavender to me). I use my hands to work it into a light foam.

My impressions

This non-flashy, plainly packaged cleanser has been great for my combination skin. I mostly use it for the face, but I recently ran out of my body bar soaps (and the body wash I wanted to try is out of stock), so I’ve been using this as a shower gel as well. It works well on both, doesn’t strip the skin and doesn’t cause any issues for me.

I don’t have body breakouts, but I do suffer from occasional pimples on my face. Plus, I get wicked ingrown hairs on my legs sometimes, and that always leaves red sore marks. Logically, Skin cleanser has been good for both of those issues.

My pores look smaller and less congested, which is the main benefit of this cleanser for me. I don’t have huge issues with pores, but I still like to keep sebaceous filaments at bay.

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This product was sent to me for free. This is not a sponsored review.

Logically Skin Acne Cleanser ingredients:


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