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Nicopy World Light Air Touch Cushion Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I got my hands on a few #Nicopy products lately and they are so much fun. Today’s review is about Nicopy World Light Air Touch Cushion. Mine is 21 Pure Beige.

Like all Nicopy products, the cushion is vegan, cruelty free, and is made without ethanol and parabens. The Light Air Touch Cushion is sold on* eBay and Amazon. I’m also wearing it in this video if you’d like to see it in “real time”.

The word “cushion”, in case you are not familiar, refers to the style of packaging and not to the product inside. The most common makeup item to come in a cushion form is foundation / BB cream, but I’ve also seen blush and even eyeshadow cushions. What sets the Nicopy cushion apart from others is the locking mechanism that separates the product from the applicator. The product locks and can be safely kept in a purse or a suitcase without the risk of a messy spill.

How to use:

  1. After sunscreen, apply primer (if using. I’m loving this Laneige one)

  2. Push the applicator into the sponge to dispense product

  3. Lightly tap it all over the face / neck to apply

  4. Set with powder, if desired (not necessary, but I usually do that)

Be sure to use a good cleansing oil or cleansing balm during your evening skincare routine. BB creams and SPF do not come off with foaming cleansers alone.

My impressions:

This product has been working very well for me. It goes on smoothly (even without a primer), the coverage is medium. It camouflages freckles and redness but won’t hide anything dramatic like tattoos. It’s exactly what I need. The finish is a natural semi-matte / satin. I usually finish it off with a light layer of powder (currently using this one). My color is 21, but the cushion comes in at least one more color.

Nicopy Light Air Touch Cushion lasts on my combination skin most of the day, doesn’t slide around and doesn’t settle into pores. It makes my skin look very natural, but better. It’s exactly what I need out of a foundation product. 

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I bought this product on 0.8L

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Nicopy Light Air Touch Cushion ingredients:


K Beauty Hobbit
K Beauty Hobbit
Jan 06, 2020

Yes. It’s a liquid BB cream in a cushion packaging


Jan 06, 2020

So this is like a bb cream? Liquid ish?

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