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Ryo Hair Jayangyunmo 9EX Hair Loss Expert Care Treatment Root Strength Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Stylevana.

Hair has been a pain point for me for close to my entire life. I dream of thick, long, wavy or curly locks. Of course, nature “blessed” me with super straight, fine, thin hair that’s resistant to styling. Thanks… I’m always on the hunt for products to make it look thicker and healthier.

Ryo Hair Loss packs are made with ingredients from the entire ginseng plant (not just the root) harvested in June, when the active ingredients are at their peak. The brand makes two varieties - Root Strength for oily / week hair and Deep Nutrition for dry / damaged hair. I chose Root Strength since my scalp is oily.

Ryo Hair Jayangyunmo 9EX Hair Loss Expert Care Treatment Root Strength

This treatment promises quite a few benefits - to moisturize the scalp, improve hair strength / texture / shine / softness / elasticity, and protect against heat. It’s available on Stylevana (discount code INF10KBH) and eBay. Please note that the brand had a packaging change. My version is the newer / larger one. eBay still sells a mix of original and new versions.

How to use

  • Apply to the scalp and hair after shampooing

  • Leave on for several minutes

  • Rinse

  • Style as usual

The bottle size is impressive - 330ml - and each application takes no more than a quarter size of product. To me, the amount used isn’t related to hair length as I apply the mask to the scalp only. I use a more nourishing conditioner on the hair shafts from the ear level to ends.

Ryo Hair Jayangyunmo 9EX Hair Loss Expert Care Treatment Root Strength texture

The mask has what the brand calls “oriental herbal fragrance”. It’s a very strong scent that lingers. I had a PT appointment the day after using this mask for the first time. I kept smelling something in their office and thought maybe they were using some new air freshener. Nope, it was my hair… So, if you are sensitive to smells, this might not be for you.

My impressions

First of all, if you are experiencing sudden and / or severe hair loss, please see a healthcare provider.

I have fine, thin, straight hair and an oily scalp. With most treatments and conditioners, I avoid the scalp as I don’t want to weigh my hair down or make it appear greasy. Ryo Hair Loss Treatment works very well on my roots and doesn’t seem to affect how clean the hair looks. I can’t comment on the strength or texture claims as my hair is already soft and straight, but I will say that it looks fuller. This is likely due to the Root Volumer™ in the formula coating the hair. I highly doubt it’s making my hair truly thicker, but I’ll settle for the appearance of thickness.

The scent is very prominent and not my favorite, but I’m either getting used to it or it’s getting less strong now that I’ve had the bottle opened for a few months. Either way, it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I like that my roots appear thicker and fuller and I have slightly more volume to my otherwise limp and sad hair.

Ryo Hair Loss Treatment doesn’t provide enough nourishment to my hair shafts, so I just use it on the scalp and apply conditioner to the rest. This combo works well for me. Overall, this isn’t an earth shattering miracle product, but it makes enough of a noticeable difference that I will keep using it. And I’ll probably get it again once my huge bottle is out.

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Ryo Deep Cleansing & Cooling Shampoo and Ryo Hair Jayangyunmo 9EX Hair Loss Expert Care Treatment Root Strength

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