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So Natural Peach Deo Pact Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Jolse.

Have you ever seen a deodorant compact? Me neither. So Natural Peach Deo Pact, available on Jolse, caught my eye. I had to have it just for the novelty factor. This product promises freshness “as if you just took a shower”, dealing with unpleasant armpit wetness and odor.

So Natural Peach Deo Pact

How to use

  • “Using the built-in puff, take an appropriate amount of the contents and pat on the armpit area” (official instructions from the brand)

The powder smells like an artificial peach, which isn’t a bad scent. It’s light and fresh and familiar, probably because most face peach powders smell very similar.

My impressions

While this is interesting, I find it pretty much useless. If you are already sweaty, the powder does little to absorb it. Plus, the more I think about applying something to my sweaty pits with a puff and then putting that puff right back into the compact, the more it makes me woozy. Washing it after every use isn’t practical, plus storing a wet puff in the container that doesn’t even separate it from the powder isn’t an option. The only way I could possibly use it is as a “topper” for deodorant when everything is still clean and dry. To me, this is unnecessary - it doesn’t add anything to the efficacy of my deodorant and it’s not nearly effective enough to be a stand alone product.

So Natural Peach Deo Pact

I could possibly see someone with curves / rolls / folds dusting this one in the morning as a way to help with friction in those areas, but there are already products on the market for that. And typically, those products are a loose powder in a shaker bottle, which would make it much easier to cover larger areas than using a puff.

Either I’m not the target audience or So Natural Peach Deo Pact is a useless idea. Either way, it’s not for me and I will not be repurchasing. Not entirely sure how to use up what I have left either.

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So Natural Peach Deo Pact


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