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Store Highlight - Drama Beauty

This is a sponsored article. All opinions are my own.

The first thing a new kbeauty enthusiast wants to know is what to buy; the second thing - where to buy it. The perfect shop would have a good selection of authentic products, quick and reliable shipping, responsive customer service, and fair prices.

Drama Beauty is a small, woman-owned business located in California. They carry a variety of skincare, bodycare, and hair products from well known brands such as CosRx as well as less famous ones like Lapothicell. The owner Teresa started the business after Asian beauty products helped her with her own skin. At the time of her skincare struggles, kbeauty and abeauty wasn’t easily accessible in the US, aside from a few major brands that could be found at specialized stores or Korean markets. Ordering from overseas took forever and cost extra. Like so many of us, myself included, Teresa spent years using products that were likely too harsh for her skin and didn’t help with her acne or pigmentation. Switching to kbeauty made a huge difference, both for her and her husband, and they wanted to share that with others through Drama Beauty, an easier and faster way to get kbeauty in the USA. Get 15% off your first order with code KBHOBBIT (I do not get a kickback from this, it's just a savings for my readers).

Drama Beauty products - Kahi Balm, Miguhara Serum, rom&nd lipstick

This online store is a certified seller with authentic products and has built solid relationships with Korean suppliers. They are adding new products and expanding their offerings all the time, so there should be something for everyone.

Some pros:

  • A curated selection of authentic Asian skincare / haircare / makeup / tools

  • Fast USA shipping (free over $50)

  • A 30 day return policy, with some exceptions (see website for details)

  • Responsive customer service both via email and IG

  • A high quality, easy to navigate website (a thing you come to appreciate after using some large international sites…)

  • Good karma for supporting a small business

KAHI wrinkle bounce multi balm

As far as drawbacks - sorry, international friends, but for now they only ship within the United States. The pricing might be a few bucks more than at international superstores, but you also don’t have to wait a month for your order.

My personal experience

I looked at every product Drama Beauty carries and chose three that were the most interesting for me (the shop didn’t limit me to three, but I try to be reasonable, especially with small businesses). I had to have the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm, because the skincare world can’t shut up about it thanks to clever product placement in kdramas. I picked Miguhara Anti Wrinkle Effect Ampoule Origin since I’ve never had anything from that brand, and rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick because I already love their lip tints and wanted to try a lipstick. It’s too soon for reviews, but stay tuned.

Miguhara Anti Wrinkle Effect Ampoule Origin

I placed the order on Thursday, it shipped the same day (from California), and arrived at my home in the Midwest on Saturday of the same week. That absolutely blew my mind. Even Amazon prime isn’t this fast anymore. Everything was carefully packed inside a branded bubble envelope - it stood out in the sea of my boring mail. Check out my unboxing reel to see it for yourself (and also consider following them on IG). In addition to the three things I chose, I also got a sheet mask and a sample of Cosrx, plus a sweet handwritten note. Nothing was damaged, not a single corner on the products’ outer boxes - win. And I very much appreciate a handwritten note. It may seem like a small thing, but trust me - not many shops do that (and I’ve worked with a lot over the years).

I’m glad that there’s another good option for purchasing Asian beauty in the USA. I got into kbeauty around 2016 and I remember all too well how confusing it was to find a reputable site hoping not to buy a fake, and then waiting for a month for the package. Next time you are in the market for some skincare or makeup, check out my new friends at Drama Beauty.

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rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick Collection in 09 Shell Nude

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