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Tosowoong Hair Tonic Nutrient Fortifying Clinic Review

Hair is a hot topic for me lately. Because there’s no limit to perfection (and I’m far, faaaaar from perfection in all areas of life). My hair is fine and straight, colored for years with henna. The roots and scalp are on the oily side; the strands are dry. It’s not thick by any means (sigh).

I never apply other #haircare items (conditioners, masks, oils) to my scalp, because it’s already oily. But the incredible world of Korean beauty makes specialized products for everything. I’m currently using the Tosowoong Hair Tonic. It’s sold on eBay and YesStyle.

The product contains a blend of herbs, ginseng and green tea extract. It is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea for hair strengthening and hair loss prevention. Its main promise is to lead to healthier, stronger and thicker hair by supporting a healthy scalp.

The packaging design is great - a plastic bottle with a mist attachment that evenly distributes the liquid onto the scalp and the roots. The product itself has the consistency of water and doesn’t weigh down or soil the hair roots.

How to use:

  • Spray on clean scalp (wet or dry - doesn’t matter)

  • Massage with fingers for better absorption

  • Can be used daily

Unfortunately, I cannot find a full list of ingredients in English anywhere. If you have it, please leave it in the comments. Tosowoong as a brand typically uses safe / nontoxic components, so I ordered this spray anyway. I’m including a picture of the label in case someone can translate it.

The Tosowoong Hair Tonic smells faintly (and pleasantly) of herbs with a hint of mint. It gives a slightly cooling sensation on the scalp, especially if applied to damp hair.

My impressions:

I’ve been using this spray for several months pretty regularly. Definitely after washing my hair (every other day), and sometimes the next morning as well. I have noticed that I have to color my roots more often now, because they grow out faster. I am seeing reduced hair loss (observed on the brushes and combs) and a more normalized sebum production on the scalp (my hair roots are way less oily now). It’s definitely something that is working for me, and I would repurchase it. If you’d like to read more #haircare reviews, check out the Hair category of the blog. For specific tips on growing long and strong hair using Korean beauty (and more), see this article.

More brand reviews are at this tag: #Tosowoong

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