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Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Review

Color: 02 Pretty Orange Pink

I’ve seen peripera mentioned in several review groups before, so I was tempted to buy it. I rarely use decorative lip products because I’m drinking coffee, tea and water all day and lip prints on cups and bottles really tick me off. The reviews promised no transfer of this kind.

To me, this product is a mix of lipstick and tint. It’s applied with a “fuzzy” applicator, then dries/absorbs and doesn’t transfer to mugs or husbands. It doesn’t make the lips dry, which I like. The only thing which I dislike (and why I ultimately stopped using this product) is the awful taste I get for 10-15 seconds after application. Even when I’m super careful in applying it without getting any in my mouth, the taste still permeates. And then it disappears, but I still did not like those 15 seconds. I definitely don’t recommend licking your lips.

I asked around in groups and others have had the same "soap" taste but only if the product actually got into their mouth. I must be particularly sensitive to it.

It does get “eaten” partially but enough remains after coffee and food to make it worth using. You can use multiple layers for a brighter/more saturated look. In the picture, I’m wearing two layers.

The product is easy to apply and it looks even and pretty. The manufacturer promises an “airy velvet” feel, and I think they achieved it.

The line has 15 (!) colors - something for everyone.

Peripera products can be ordered on eBay and Amazon

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