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Puttisu Pang Pang Nail Products Review

I have a little princess who is 4 years old, and she wants EVERYTHING I have. She even got her own set of cute cosmetics for Christmas (I was hoping she would stay out of my stuff). I’m always on the lookout for safe and cute things for her.

Puttisu is a new Korean brand (or at least I have only started seeing it recently) specializing in non-toxic children’s products. Little princes and princesses must get into their parents’ products all over the world, since there’s clearly demand for these things :)

The nail colors come in four series - water pang pang (water soluble), color pang pang, bling pang pang, and glitter pang pang. You can also get the care pang pang. I assume the color and glitter varieties are longer lasting, but I haven’t tried those. The products are new to the Western market and I could only find them on Amazon.

Care pang pang is a strengthening product with camellia oil for nails and cuticles. Simply apply to clean nails and cuticles and rub in. It’s not sticky and not glossy, just a clear liquid with a bit of a sheen that dries quickly. I use that on the kid before we paint nails. I like it myself quite a bit too, but she doesn’t like me using it since it’s “hers”. Can you hear me roll my eyes?

My daughter loves purple and thinks if something is purple (including my stuff), then it’s automatically hers. So the purple water pang pang was a hit. It’s a water based (70% water) nontoxic polish that only takes one coat to look good (kids are wiggly). It’s great for play. Polish usually chips super fast on kids, but then the ragged chunks hang on for weeks and make me shudder. This polish is water soluble, so it comes off cleanly in the tub - no need for harsh removers. It’s great for play for the day and gives a beautiful glossy look. It dries quickly. And if your little royal person is as stubborn and independent as mine, then you can let them paint their nails themselves without fear of long lasting stains on all your furniture and floors. Also, does anyone know how to make a 4 year old sit still for blog pictures? Asking for a friend...

Puttisu nail products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fragrance free, made with natural ingredients like moringa oil and green tea seed extract. The manufacturer even states they are safe for pregnant women, but as usual please check with your doctor.

The packaging deserves a special note. It’s so adorable! I’m a little jealous the bottles aren’t mine. We had a bit of a debate with the kid over the animal on the lid. I asked:

“Do you think that’s a sheep?”

“No. It’s a princess. She has a crown.”

“I think it’s a princess sheep. Sheep can be princesses.”

“No. It’s a princess!”

I pick my battles and I wasn’t going to win this one.

Overall, I’m very happy with both products and would recommend them to any parent whose small kids are into makeup and self care products.

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