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Puttisu Clean Mild Shampoo Review

What’s filled with screams, tears, stomping on the ground and begging? That’s right, hair washing night! My 4 year old is willing to do just about anything to avoid washing her hair. We do bath every night (but not hair), and every night she starts by asking “We aren’t washing hair tonight, right? Not tonight!” And 5 out of 7 baths I get to say “not tonight” and all is well. But those two times a week… ugh! I’m not totally sure what started the whole fear of hair washing, probably soap getting in her eyes years ago, but it’s an irrational fear at this point. Her face doesn’t even get wet if she stays calm, but she flails and screams and freaks to the point of getting water in her eyes (and I’m about ready to cry myself, too).

The best strategy I’ve found is distraction. I’ve let her play with my nooni bubble maker and it mostly worked at keeping her occupied and still. But can anything be cuter than this Puttisu Clean Mild Shampoo??? Squee! She’s in love with their kid safe nail polish, and of course the shampoo is also a hit. Plus, I don’t really want my nooni to be broken by a little kid…

The shampoo is sold on eBay and Amazon.

This shampoo is 98% natural, sulfate and silicone free and has a pleasant rosemary scent. The manufacturer says it’s safe even for pregnant women, but please consult your doctor.

One unfortunate thing about new Korean beauty brands is lack of information in English. I did my best slicing and dicing the pictures (not even text) of the ingredients list and using translator apps to get the results below. It might not be completely accurate (I don’t speak Korean at all), but it’s better than nothing? I did find, in English, that this is hypoallergenic, sulfate and silicone free and safe for kids.

My (our?) impressions:

The kid is in love with the packaging. So in love that she’s willing to wash hair IF I let her do it herself. The product is clear and produces a mild foam (thanks to the lack of sulfates it’s not very rich but more than sufficient). I definitely annoyed her trying to take pictures of the foam (if you look closely, you can see her rolling her eyes).

The shampoo washes off cleanly and her hair is always very soft, even without conditioner. That’s a huge plus as the faster we can be done with the whole process, the better. I did try this on myself, for the sake of the review, and I liked it. Both of us have fine, straight hair, and this product doesn’t weight it down. I’m definitely going to save it for her, but I liked it when I used it.

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I bought this product on 0.8L

Puttisu Clean Mild Shampoo Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl late, sodium lauroyl methyl amino propionate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, tiei-cocoyl alaninate, cocamide Methyl M-01E, mandarin bark extract , Polyquaternium-10, phyphage-3 myristyl ether, caprylyl glacial rosemary leaf pentasodium pentetate, citric acid, PCA, polyquaternium-67, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, , Pine tree leaf extract, Leaf currant leaf extract, 1,2-hexanediol, Fermented yeast / rice bran, Black bean extract, Panthenol, Butylene glaze 01, Calendula extract, White willow bark extract, Oregano leaf extract Lactobacillus soybean fermentation extract, Broccoli extract, golden extract, horsetail extract Baobab nuts extract

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