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LUOKI Double Shot Cleansing Water Review

The best of the best of Korean skincare products will not be beneficial if applied on the skin that is not properly cleansed. Even on my laziest days, I do not skip cleansing.

The LUOKI Double Shot Cleansing Water combines bamboo, papaya, and cucumber extracts with a patented skin-soothing Natural Protector to provide effective cleansing even for sensitive skin. The product is made without parabens and artificial colors and fragrance. The clear cleansing water comes in a generously sized 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) bottle that will probably last me until retirement.

Funny story - my husband was completely convinced this is some sort of digestive “cleansing water” because he asked me when I was going to drink it. And he was serious… So glad I didn’t leave it unattended on the counter, who knows what would have happened.

I had high hopes for this cleanser, because the Korean skincare brand LUOKI impressed me with their sleeping mask (review here). The makeup remover is available on Amazon and sometimes on eBay.

How to use:

  • Soak a cotton pad (I prefer multi-layered ones like these) in the product

  • Gently wipe off makeup, including BB cream and lipsticks/tints

  • For eyes, I hold the pads to the eyelids for a few seconds, then very carefully wipe off without tugging

My impressions:

This cleanser is excellent. I do not wear much decorative makeup, but eye shadow and eyeliner do happen. Plus, I’ve been playing with Korean lip tints (reviews here), which should also be removed with special products.



LUOKI Double Shot Cleansing Water completely removes all mascara, brow products, eyeliner, shadow, and lip tints and stains. I cannot judge its effectiveness on bb cream, and prefer to remove that with a more traditional cleansing oil (reviews here).

I have absolutely no irritation or any other unpleasant sensations while using this. It’s the best makeup remover of this type that I’ve tried so far (I had one Korean remover before and a couple of different drugstore US-brand micellar water cleansers). And I’m quite impressed with the ingredients - natural extracts and no artificial fragrance. Speaking of scents, I don’t really detect one while using this product. Overall, it's definitely worth a try.

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I bought this product on 0.8L

LUOKI Double Shot Cleansing Water Ingredients:

Water, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides,Dipropylene Glycol,Betaine,Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Luffa Cylindrica Fruit Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Origanum Vulgare Leaf Extract, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Allantoin, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract,Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol

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