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Vess Japan Hair Brush With Ceramides Review

I’ve struggled with hair my whole life - it’s not as thick as I would like, it’s straight as straw, and I don’t particularly love my natural color. So when I see some new “miracle” tool or product, I get excited.

I learned about Japanese Vess hair brushes from a friend, who read a positive review online and was getting one for herself. They are sold on eBay and Amazon has a few options as well. The brushes are infused with beneficial ingredients like honey and various oils and are supposed to do great things for hair. The price is quite affordable, so I figured I will try one. Mine is the Ceramide option.

The product promised to make hair smooth thanks to the micro-capsules of ceramides and macadamia oil infused into the brush materials.

I was so excited when the package showed up on my doorstep. I made myself patiently wait until the weekend (so I could take pictures of it brand new, in good light) to start using it.

My impressions:

Is there a good, elegant way to say “this is TOTAL CRAP”? Probably not. So yes, it’s total crap, ladies and gentlemen. It’s just a regular (and, therefore, overpriced) plastic brush. It’s not even a good one! It makes my hair super prone to static, it’s not gentle, and there’s really nothing good I can say about it. My kid liked it (just because it’s something new, so she wanted to get her hands on it), so I thought I would give it to her. Well, the brush makes her hair stand up straight with static electricity. The bristles are nothing more than cheap plastic. There’s not a hint of “oil” or anything else worth mentioning. It doesn’t even have a nice scent...

My poor friend, who was trying to share something exciting with me, ordered a different kind and had a very similar experience. So, dear readers, save your money and spend it on any of the many wonderful hair products that I’ve reviewed before (reviews are here).

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