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A Gift of Missha for Mother's Day

This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.

“Do you have any eye cream and serum you don’t need? I’m all out”. This was a text I received from my mom on Easter morning. As a kbeauty content creator, I have no shortage of skincare, and I freely share with my mom. Asking me for products is nothing new and I am always happy to give them, but what struck me is the “you don’t need” part.

For most of my childhood, my mom was a single mom, working several jobs to keep our little family afloat. She sacrificed countless things for me, and keeps sacrificing even today as she watches my kids every weekday while I work. She doesn’t ask for anything in return, not even a brand new bottle of serum, only what I “don’t need”. Moms deserve better than that.

Shopping for skincare for someone else can be tricky, especially if you are trying to put together a mini routine - will the products work together? Will they fit the person’s skin? Will the recipient like them? Missha took a lot of the guesswork out of Mother’s Day this year with their gift sets, beautifully packaged and meant to work together, and they are even on sale for 55-60% off to sweeten the deal. The sets and specials are available on the Missha US website.

Missha Mother's Day gift sets
official Missha image

Time Revolution Best Seller Set 5X - buy here


  • Time Revolution The First Essence 5X (150 ml and 30 ml)

  • Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X (50 ml and 10 ml)

  • Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule Cream 5X (10 ml)

This set features the iconic Time Revolution first essence and ampoule in different sizes, plus the cream. I have personally used the essence and the ampoule and love them (although I had an earlier version of the night repair ampoule, which has been improved since then). Read a full review of the essence here and of the ampoule here.

missha time revolution 5x essence

I think this set would be great for any mom who wants healthy, glowing skin, and the products work well by themselves or as part of a more complex routine.

MISA Geum Sul Set II - buy here

This is a luxurious line with premium herbal ingredients tailored for a more mature mom (I can’t bring myself to use the word “aging” here). The set includes a variety of products in full and sample sizes (perfect for traveling).

Full Sizes:

  • MISA GeumSul Skin Toner (145 ml)

  • MISA GeumSul Milky Emulsion (100 ml)

  • MISA GeumSul Rejuvenating Cream (50 ml)

Sample Sizes:

  • MISA GeumSul Rejuvenating Essence (7 ml)

  • MISA GeumSul Skin Toner (30 ml)

  • MISA GeumSul Milky Emulsion (30 ml)

  • MISA GeumSul Rejuvenating Cream (10 ml)

I have not personally used any of these, as they are too rich for my combination skin. However, I have gifted my mom the eye cream and face cream from this line for her birthday, and she enjoyed them, especially in the evening. Gift this set to a mom with dry skin or in her wiser years.

If your mom already has an established skincare routine and you are looking to supplement it with something special, consider Missha Time Revolution Enriched Essence. This is one of Missha’s newest releases, a more nourishing first essence than the 5x version. It smoothes and plumps the skin, while hydrating and brightening, and adds a certain element of luxury to any routine. A full review can be found here.

Missha time revolution enriched essence

No matter what you choose, make your mom feel loved and appreciated, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Aug 11, 2023

On Mother's Day, I decided to make an unusual gift. Knowing that my mother had been dreaming of a set of high-quality hotlink images for a long time, I decided to implement this idea. Her face lit up when she saw the gift - a set of images that can inspire her creativity. Seeing her start applying them to her projects was incredibly inspiring. This gift showed my mom how important her hobbies are and strengthened our bond even more.

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