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Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Jolse.

I’ve been trying to take better care of my body skin for a couple of years now. It’s a work in progress, but Fall and Winter definitely call for some body products to keep the skin feeling its best. In the past, I often reached for face creams that didn’t work well for me, but that’s not the most effective approach. Last month, I picked out some body specific moisturizers to try instead.

Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer, available on Jolse, promises elasticity and deep hydration. Beyond is a part of the LG family of brands and positions itself as an eco-friendly company that uses natural ingredients good for people and the planet. Unfortunately, not a lot of information about it is available in English.

Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer

How to use

  • Apply to any area in need of care

  • My preferred way is to use this after bathing while the skin is a bit damp

I often start with toners and serums (yes, on the body), and then finish with this moisturizer. The 200ml pump bottle is a great packaging choice. The cream is thick (but not too thick) and luxuriously rich. It’s quite scented, but I like the aroma and it doesn’t seem to linger. Most products I’ve been using lately, even if scented, don’t keep their scent once applied to the skin.

My impressions

I love this! I wish the bottle were bigger, even though it should last me a while in its current size. The cream is thick but spreads well and easily, so I only need a small half pump per leg. My leg skin is my biggest pain point - the ankles and calves get so dry they sometimes flake / look scaly, and I’ve been successfully dealing with hyperpigmentation from ingrown hairs (check out this video for more info on how I do that, plus before and after pics). I also apply this to the hands, arms, and everywhere else I can reach, but legs are definitely the focus.

Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer

Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer makes my skin soft and silky. It’s not sticky or greasy and is an absolute delight to apply. The brand also makes body emulsions in more than double the size for approximately the same price (a review coming soon!), but if your skin is very dry like mine, this moisturizer will probably work better than the emulsion.

I’m enjoying the scent - it’s stronger than what I usually use, but it’s so nice and warm (I’m not good at describing aromas) and definitely adds to my selfcare experience. I just reached down to touch my ankle and it’s still soft and smooth (I used the cream last night). Highly recommend!

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Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturizer


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