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BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2 Review

This is a sponsored review with affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Being a type A, overachieving perfectionist has its perks. Unfortunately, being able to relax at the end of the day isn’t one of them. Even when I carve out a few quiet minutes to chill or go to bed early, I struggle to turn off my brain. I’ve been using BOB AND BRAD devices for some time, so I had high hopes for their new BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager - EyeOasis 2. And it didn’t disappoint.

BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2

The device is available on the brand’s official Amazon storefront (10% off with code OASISNEWPR). While you are there, check out BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun (discount code BobBrad16 - review here). EyeOasis2 features heat and compression to relieve strain, tension, and dry eyes. The massager is customizable with two heat settings (temps between 104℉-113℉), 4 massage intensities, and adjustable volume for the built in relaxing music or to use with your own device as a bluetooth speaker. It is quiet and portable and comes with a travel case.

BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2

The buttons are textured, making adjustments easy without removing the mask.

BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2

How to use

  • Place over clean, dry face

  • Adjust the strap

  • Choose your mode / settings

  • Sit back (or lie back) and relax

My favorite way to use this massage is in the evenings, after a long day of computer / screen work. 15 minutes before bed makes a big difference for me. The massager automatically turns off after that time, which is handy in case you drift off. I have a somewhat large head (usually buying men’s hats and sunglasses), and the EyeOasis 2 fits me very well. The elastic strap is wide and comfortable - doesn’t roll or tug on the hair. And because the band is flat, I can comfortably lie down on my back to enjoy the massage session.

My impressions

Another BOB AND BRAD win and I’m not surprised. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos for years, long before I had a blog or tried any of their products. These therapists know what they are doing, and their devices demonstrate that as well. Everything is well thought out - from the actual functions down to carrying cases.

I like using all three features - air pressure, heat, and music - but the ability to customize this experience is priceless. I do not get migraines, but occasionally have stress or strain induced headaches, and the eye massager helps with those immensely. I also noticed a somewhat unexpected benefit of my forehead lines and wrinkles getting noticeably smoother, likely due to the underlying musculature relaxing.

My skin is fair and easily irritated by mechanical stimulation, but the massager gives me no issues. The part of the device that touches the face is soft and comfortable and can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth for cleaning. The gentle heat does cause a bit of a pink flush to the area, which is to be expected and goes away very quickly.

BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2

Before I started using BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager, I would sometimes reach for single-use self-heating eye masks, but I don’t think I could ever go back to those now. The combination of air pressure and heat of the Oasis are unparalleled. Even simply putting it on feels like a gentle hug. Plus, I love that it only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery. After that, no cords are needed during use. Major bonus points to the device for being quiet. It shouldn’t disturb anyone around you.

While I adore this product, one thing worth mentioning is that the built-in speaker isn’t super loud. If you are hanging out in a quiet room and want to add some sound to your eye massage experience, then it works great. But if you are also running a separate white noise machine and / or want to block out loud family members (ahem…), then consider using separate earbuds.

BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager EyeOasis 2

Lastly, even the greatest device isn’t helpful if people don’t use it. I’m happy to report that I've been reaching for this mask every single day since I got it. It joined the ranks of my regularly enjoyed BOB AND BRAD foot massager and massage gun. I know it’s only September, but the holidays are coming, so it’s time to start thinking about how you may want to spoil yourself and / or loved ones. And you really cannot go wrong getting anything from BOB AND BRAD.

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