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BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun Review

Updated: May 8, 2023

This is a sponsored review with affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Pain is an almost constant part of my life. I work out, parent, carry my 40lb kid, and am no longer 18 - it’s a recipe for some aches. And while I do go to physical therapy and an occasional massage, that still doesn’t take care of all of my daily discomfort.

Over the years I’ve had several at-home massage tools - a chair pad that sat in the corner collecting dust and a hand held tool that didn’t apply enough pressure and mostly just vibrated (still sitting under my bed collecting dust). I’ve been pondering massage guns for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger, pun intended. So when Bob & Brad’s marketing team contacted me to try their mini massage gun, I excitedly agreed. I’ve followed physical therapists Bob & Brad on YouTube for a long time for all of their PT advice, so I already trusted that they wouldn’t put their name on something unless it was of great quality.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun

The BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun, available on Amazon (10% OFF with code BobBrad16) is a small, portable but powerful percussion muscle massager. Don’t let the size fool you - it can reach the speed of up to 3000 rpm and a vibration amplitude of 7 mm. The massager comes with five attachments, a charger cord and a carrying case. Once charged, the device doesn’t need to be plugged in to use it, which makes it super portable and convenient.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun

How to use

  • Choose a desired attachment

  • Long press the button on the side to power on

  • Adjust the intensity - choose from five levels

  • Apply to sore and tense areas

I highly recommend this video by Bob & Brad themselves for a detailed demo. And of course, experimenting with all the attachments and seeing what feels the best for you is a must. The mini massage gun weighs under a pound and is easy to maneuver.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun

My impressions

I definitely wish I had this sooner. When I get professional massages, I like very deep muscle work. A few devices I’ve tried before (the ones collecting dust) couldn’t provide the right type or amount of pressure. The Bob and Brad massage gun is powerful enough to grant much needed relief for tense muscles and knots.

I knew this was a winner the first time I tried it. That morning, the right side of my low back was tight and sore, most likely because I slept on it wrong. It was the perfect time to test the massage gun. Not only did the pressure feel wonderful during use, but the tightness and pain greatly diminished.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Now this wonderful device is a regular part of my self care routine. Since it’s rechargeable and cordless, I can take it anywhere - usually the couch while I watch TV - and work on all the sore spots. My favorite attachments are the classic ball for any spot that’s tense or tight, and the pointed looking one for the stubborn muscles in the upper shoulders. I basically sit for a living, working at my day job or blogging, and those “desk muscles” get very tight and stiff, causing quite a bit of pain. The elongated attachment is ideal for targeting those and loosening the knots.

BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun is easy to operate by yourself, but it’s even more magical if you can recruit a partner or a family member to help reach all the spots on the back. Since the device is so light and simple to use, even my third grader can help me get all the back knots out. I highly recommend this to anyone who has muscles.

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BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun


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