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Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips Review

I can’t think of too many things I loved doing at six years old that I still enjoy at 31, but manicures are definitely on that list. I’ve always had an interest in nails, but lacked the necessary skills and precision needed for perfect nail polish and gel applications. I’ve had my fair share of pinterest fails, and even sold jamberry for four years (watch a video about what a disaster that was here).

This year, I discovered Dashing Diva. I ordered a couple of designs to try, and was surprised to see “made in Korea” on the back. I fell in love quickly and ended up placing numerous orders in the following weeks. The company makes a few different kinds of nail products: strips, press-ons, glue-on nails, and more. Today’s review is about Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips. They are sold on the* official US website, and also on Stylevana and YesStyle (don’t forget to use KBHOBBIT at checkout for an extra discount).

The gloss strips are made from real gel and last “up to 2 weeks”. On me, they can go longer than that, but of course after 14 days the growth is obvious, so I take them off. Each pack comes with more than 30 strips (depending on the design you purchase), a very decent nail file, and provides plenty for two manicures for me plus leftovers. I sometimes combine the extras from multiple packs into some fun new manicure arrangements. A second strip of the solid color is hiding behind the first one.

How to apply:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry

  • Push down the cuticle, wipe the nail with an alcohol wipe

  • Choose your strip sizes (if in doubt, go a bit smaller in size - strips that are too big will bunch)

  • Apply, pushing down firmly (I recommend using a rubber cuticle pusher)

  • Trim or file off the excess

  • No top coat is needed, but if you want, you can apply one

I top mine off with a clear coat of gel (the kind that is cured under a UV/LED light; currently using* Gelish brand). A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is even better, right? I highly recommend you watch my application video:

How to remove:

  • Gently lift a bit at the cuticle

  • Apply your favorite cuticle oil and separate the sticker from the nail with a wooden stick

  • Pro tip - use a floss pick instead of a wooden stick to gently remove the sticker

Another way to remove these is to saturate a cotton swab in polish remover (non-acetone is fine) and gently work it under the sticker, starting at the cuticle. No matter your removal method, don’t just rip these off - you will damage your nails.

You can see what the wraps look like after days of wear, and hear more about how I remove them in the beginning of this video. And hear me talk more about why I love them so much in this one.

My impressions

I’m an above average nail sticker user (due to years of experience with different brands). I find these to be the easiest brand to apply. They also look the most like actual gel / salon manicure. It’s not that the other brands were bad, but Dashing Diva goes on perfectly for me every time, and I don’t have to worry about buckling, bubbling, lifting, or anything else. They also don’t require any special tools - just a regular manicure set.

After removal:

The designs are glorious. There is something for everyone - solids, sparkles, 3D gems. Some varieties even change colors in the sun. The selections seem to vary based on the site - sometimes there are collaborations between brands - Missha and Dashing Diva, The Face Shop and Dashing Diva, etc. I use the* official US site since it’s easy to get free (and quick) shipping.

UV-changing accent nail:

If I had to pick one top favorite product of 2020, Dashing Diva would be it. These stickers and press ons brought me countless moments of joy for very little money and time investment (this is not a sponsored review by any means). So, if you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend it. And if the first attempt isn’t quite perfect - give yourself some grace and try again. It’s worth it!

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