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Diblanc Sweetheart Tintstick Review - Color Changing Lipstick

I’m a child at heart. When I hear “color changing lipstick”, it gets me all excited. I honestly didn’t have high expectations of Diblanc Sweetheart Tintstick (sold on eBay); I thought it would be just a novelty product with some entertainment value. 

I was wrong. This thing is AMAZING!

The product looks colorless before application - just an opaque light stick, similar to a lip balm.

When applied, it quickly changes colors based on the pH of your lips (on the skin of my hand the color doesn’t show much, but on the lips is comes through super well). For each person, the resulting color will be different. It takes a few seconds for the color to show, so don’t go crazy applying multiple coats right away (I did that the first time and ended up with very bright pink lips). 

Using Diblanc Sweetheart Tintstick is a pleasure for all senses, starting with the packaging. The case is high quality and “heavy” (in a good way). I love holding it. 

This lipstick combines three benefits: moisturizing lip balm, beautiful lipstick, and a long lasting tint. It’s made with macadamia, sunflower, geranium and coconut oils. Contains no parabens or mineral oils and no animal fats. 

The formula is creamy but not greasy. It’s very moisturizing and quite long lasting. I haven’t noticed much transfer to mugs. The tint is definitely still there after I eat and drink. As it inevitably fades, it does so gradually and evenly - no splotchy lips. So if you don’t want to reapply it, you will still look perfectly fine.

I own multiple Korean lip products but keep reaching for this one daily. I do one coat most days. I’ve gotten compliments on it from the very first use! I’m going to be very sad when I run out. What I thought would be a cheaply made novelty product ended up being a very luxurious lip splurge that brightens my mornings. I highly recommend it. 

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I bought this product on 0.8L


K Beauty Hobbit
K Beauty Hobbit
Nov 11, 2019

The link to eBay is right in the first paragraph


Nov 11, 2019

love your reviews. where do you find this lip product?

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