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h.natural Beauty Blender Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Jolse.

This antibacterial beauty blender promised to apply foundation evenly without absorbing the product. The sponge is latex free and can be used wet or dry (the size difference between wet and dry is small, unlike with other sponges that swell significantly with the addition of water). h.natural Beauty Blender is available on Jolse.

How to use

  • Use wet or dry to apply makeup

  • Wash with soap and water and let air dry between uses (I let mine stand in the case base and replace the case lid once the sponge is dry)

h.natural Beauty Blender

The sponge is firm but still easy to use. It’s definitely more bouncy / less squishy than the blenders I’m used to, but it’s not a bad thing.

My impressions

I’m not a huge makeup user, mostly because I’m lazy, but I do put on some bb cream before filming YouTube videos. A sponge allows for a more even, flawless looking application compared to just fingers or brushes.

I recently realized that the beauty blender I’ve been using is very old and should probably be replaced. I like my new h.natural sponge - it holds its shape and doesn’t absorb product during use. I was a little surprised at how dense it was at first, but quickly got used to it. If anything, that springy stiffness allows for a more precise application.

h.natural Beauty Blender

The material does get stained with makeup, but that’s likely the case for all beauty blenders. I use mine wet (because I’m used to it), but I like the option of using it dry. And I adore the fun, bright colors of this brand (my previous blenders were white or black).

Overall, a perfectly fine makeup sponge option that seems to be more durable than the squishier versions. I like the case for both storage and travel (and to use as a stand while the sponge is drying). I’ll keep using this until it’s time for a new one.

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